Three Legged Dog Care

Brown Paw PrintSince the beginning of time, dogs are seen as man’s best friend. In dogs, man had found a great companion that he can trust with his very own life. Aside from that, dogs are known to be steadfast, strong and trusted. With this, they have become the number one watch guard that provides security to houses and establishments. They are also used in surveillance, such as in bomb squads or illegal drugs detection, because of their keen senses. Indeed, with their immense involvement, dogs had become an essential part of the human society. However, would same perception apply to three legged dogs?

Three legged dogs can either be brought about by birth deformities or amputation. Nonetheless, no matter what means it is, three legged dogs are perceived as special, making it difficult to provide care. With this, people would refuse to have this kind of pet, thinking that it would only be a burden. Moreover, through the years, numerous pet owners with three legged dogs as pet proved that taking care of them isn’t difficult but rather only demand a certain care and attention.

There is basically no special consideration when it comes to the diet and feeding of three legged dogs. The concern is mostly focused on their safety and environment.

Furniture and Floor

Three legged dogs prefer to move fast as it will aid them to balance with just 3 limbs. Slow movements can cause them to be out of balance and to eventually fall. Three legged dogs are also fond of jumping to furniture such as couches. Getting up is easy but going down can be a great problem.  Thus, it is advised that pet owners must train and discipline their three legged dogs to not jump to furniture in order to avoid injuries as they go down. The primary problem seen in three legged dogs is maintaining balance. Because they lack one limb, they have an unstable balance and unusual gait compared to ordinary dogs. A slippery floor can make the balance of a three legged dog worse than how it is already. It is important that floors are carpeted especially tiled or wooden floors. Wet paws can also make three legged dogs loss balance and slip. Thus, their paws must be kept dry at all times.


Three legged dogs must be given appropriate toys to play with. Toys that moves slower are discouraged as it can make three legged dogs frustrated. Three legged dogs must be provided with a toy that they can work on while staying in one place such as rubber donuts, rubber ties and the likes. However, pet owners can explore with various toys. But it is important that the dog’s safety and enjoyment must be given utmost consideration.


Through they may only have 3 limbs, three legged dogs are still like any other dogs that like to run around and engage themselves in various play activities. Nonetheless, in providing activities, their safety must be prioritized. Recommended activities ranges from hiking, walking around the neighborhood, hunting, etc. It is important that whatever activities it may be, supervision and guidance must be given by the pet owners. 

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