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Three Legged Cat Care

Cat Looking UpBasically, taking care of cats can be quite a task considering that they are the type of pets that requires high maintenance. Cats require specific needs such as diet, grooming and hygiene just to name a few. These needs must be met properly in order for them to grow healthy. If taking care of a normal cat is difficult, what more when one talks about three legged cats?

Taking care of three legged cats can indeed be a challenge considering that it requires certain precautions and measures in order to cater to the cat’s condition. It is important that appropriate assistance must be given to them. But it is also essential that in the long term care, they will be trained and disciplined to do tasks on their own for them to live normally. Existence of three legged cats can be due to inborn deformities or surgical intervention such as amputation. Three legged cats that are born with a deformity are usually trained when they are still young. With this, one can observe that these are cats that can do normal activities of an ordinary cat efficiently even with a disability. On the other hand, in terms of amputated cats, they are given consideration as adjustment is essential for them before learning to do certain tasks. Recovery to usual activities can take some time. These cats should never be pressured to recover as soon as possible.

Indeed, taking care of three legged cats usually necessities special consideration. But then, this doesn’t mean that they are becoming a burden to the pet owners. These certain considerations must be observed in order to assure the cat’s safety and well being.


Cats are observed to jump in order for them to get to a place, usually from a furniture to another. This kind of action is allowed to them as it is their way of moving around the place. But this is not the case when it comes to three legged cats, as jumping from long distances can be dangerous as it can lead to injuries and fractures. Jumping can be quite difficult if it is done with just three limbs such as with the condition that the three legged cats have. With this, it is important that pet owners should keep the furniture as close as possible to one another. Through this way, jumping around can be a more convenient and safe. At the same time, ramps can be installed to aid three legged cats as they go up from one place.   

Litter Tray

Litter tray is one of the places that cats go to. With this, it is important that litter tray to be used will fit to the condition of the three legged cats. Sides of the litter tray should not be too high in order for the three legged cat to easily access it. At the same time, the top lid should be taken when they are about to use it. If three legged cats find difficulty in getting to its litter tray, pet owners can provide assistance by carrying the cat and placing it directly into the litter tray.

Having a cat as a pet, in general, can be of great responsibility. However, taking care of them should never just be about the tasks to be accomplished but the bond that was created between the pet owner and its pet cat.

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