Fun Rabbit Facts

Cute Red Bunny Rabbit Rabbits are not members of the rodent family, rabbits are Lagomorphs. However, the rabbit does look like a rodent in some ways. Lagomorphs are mammals and they have live young with a gestation period of thirty-three days. The newborn rabbits drink their mother’s milk. A mother will nurse the baby rabbits once per day for a very short time.

The baby rabbits will be weaned at about six to eight weeks of age. A female rabbit can reproduce when she is three to four months of age. A female rabbit is capable of being pregnant with two litters of babies at the same time.

A rabbit has twenty-eight teeth and a rabbits teeth will continue to grow throughout his entire life. This is why the rabbit constantly chews on hard objects to file down or wear down the teeth. If the teeth grow too long or grow improperly then the rabbit would not be able to eat and could die as a result.

Rabbit meat is a much healthier meat for human consumption. Rabbit meat has practically no fat and few calories. Rabbit meat is all white meat. Therefore, rabbit meat is good for you.

A rabbit’s droppings are high in phosphorus and nitrogen making the droppings good to mix with soil for gardening whether for vegetables or flowers. Worm farmers even use the rabbit dropping to feed to the worms. The droppings also serve as insulation to keep the soil warm for the worms to live in. A rabbit eats some of its own dropping. This is called Cecotrope. These droppings are packed with vital nutrients that the rabbit needs to survive and remain healthy. The nutrients are produced in the rabbits own body and then stored inside the Cecotrope.

A rabbit can live for 12 years or longer if it is kept indoors and proper care and feeding is provided. Rabbits that live outside or even in the wild have a life span of only a few years at the most. This is because the rabbits are exposed to the harsh weather conditions and there is a greater chance of the rabbit falling prey to a predator.

Rabbits are nocturnal animals. This means that the rabbits are more active at nighttime. This greatly reduces the chances of the rabbit falling prey to a large predator animal. Rabbits have excellent night vision. Rabbits can have a variety of eye colors including pink, brown, blue and blue grey among others.

The smallest breed of rabbit recorded living in America is the pygmy which weighs less than 1 pound. The largest rabbit was recorded to weigh over twenty-six pounds.

The last fun rabbit fact is that a rabbit can jump a span of approximately eight to nine feet long and approximately three feet high.

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