Pet Rabbit Life Expectancy

White rabbitNowadays, rabbits are gaining popularity as household pets in line with the usual known pets such as dogs, cats and the likes. This may be because rabbits, aside from being adorable with their small size and furry appearance, tend to be easily manageable when it comes to their diet, hygiene and housing. Though rabbits may not be your typical pet, it was able capture the hearts of not only young children but adults as well throughout the world.

Nonetheless, like any other pets, deciding to have a rabbit as a pet should not be taken lightly for it is not an easy decision. One should be equipped with the basic knowledge regarding rabbits and its care in general. Rabbits have specific needs that should be met for it to be able to grow and achieve its optimum development. First of all, one thing to consider is the life expectancy of rabbits.

Rabbits: How long do they live?

Rabbits, in general, are expected to live for a long time that usually ranges from 7 – 12 years. However, it is a different story if one speaks about a certain breed of rabbit or whether they are domesticated or wild in nature. Usually, wild rabbits’ life span is shorter, which is between 6 – 7 years, compared to pet rabbits. This is because of the environment wherein they live. Aside from the dangers of predators that they have to face everyday, they also need to compete with other animals for food and shelter, making their survival quite difficult. In contrast, pet rabbits have better living conditions as they have a controlled and conducive environment, appropriate food and proper grooming and hygiene as provided by their owners. This results to pet rabbits having longer life span of 5 – 10 years.

Life Expectancy of other Rabbit Breeds

The dwarf rabbits, considered to be the most preferred breed because of its small size, have longer life span of 8 years. While giant rabbits, which are characterized as less cheerful and dull compared to dwarf rabbits, are expected to live for 5 – 6 years only. Others, like the Himalayan rabbits, which are known for their minimal grooming necessities, can live for 8 years. The small and less furry Polish rabbits are able to survive until 8 – 10 years and lastly, the large white New Zealand rabbits have a life span of 5 – 7 years.

However, one should be reminded that the mentioned life expectancies are mere estimation and subject to change depending on how one takes care of their pet rabbits. Your pet rabbits may live even shorter than 7 years or longer than 12 years. It basically relies if all their needs are properly answered such as food, hygiene and housing that would lead to a general good health and longer life span.

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