Pet Rabbit Games

Toy Rabbit

If one is to think about having rabbits as pets, they only expect to have their rabbits placed in a cage, have it fed, and once in a while, look at it. Having to play with pet rabbits would be out of the question. Maybe because one would think that rabbits are not like dogs, cats or any other pets that are capable of playing games and doing tricks. We expect rabbits to just sit in their cage, run around or munch on a treat. And we thought that they would be doing that for the rest of their existence. With this, as time passes, we see our pet rabbits as boring and sedentary being for they can do nothing at all. Yes, that may be true in some cases especially if the owner is just contented with seeing their rabbit as it is.

However, we have way underestimated pet rabbits for they can also do tricks and exhibitions, even beyond our expectations. This can be possible once the owner would think outside the box. Thus, owner must learn to initiate the interaction between their pet rabbits. This can be done through simple games and handling.

Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course can be an easy and fun way of providing play to your pet rabbits. Tubes can be placed inside the cage together with other objects wherein the rabbits can pass through, run around or hop over. At the same time, treats can be given to motivate your pet rabbit to participate.

Hide and Seek

Though this may be a child’s game, Hide and Seek can be a form of rabbit game. Like the ordinary Hide and Seek, the owner can hide behind any object. Then peek once in a while and allow the rabbit to see and know where you are. With this, the rabbit may hop to see where you are. This game can also be placed the other way wherein it will be the rabbits turn to hide while the owner will be the “It”.

Rabbit Tricks

Teaching rabbits how to do tricks can be a rewarding experience. Rabbit tricks do not necessarily be difficult or it doesn’t have to follow a certain routine. Tricks can be personalized depending on the owner’s ability to teach and the pet rabbit’s skills to follow orders. This said tricks could range from having the pet rabbit approach you once you call its name or having it reach your hand and do a hand shake.

Walking Your Rabbit

Though may not be considered a game, walking your pet rabbit can be a form of physical activity that both of you can enjoy. Walking your pet rabbit in parks or in the neighborhood can be a practical and affordable way of providing exercise and interaction. Also, the pet rabbits are given the chance to see the outside environment apart from it usually sees inside its cage.

Basically, playing with them is a vital element to consider that would promote their physical well being. Playing games with your pet rabbit can be of dual purpose as it can benefit both the pet rabbits, by means of improving their skills and health, and the owner as it strengthens the bond between the two resulting to a better owner – pet relationship.

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