Pet Rabbit Care Information

Rabbit Care Information

These cute and cuddly creatures are often made pets because of the mentioned features. However, if you plan to bring one in your family or if you already have a pet rabbit, you should remember these: rabbits are communal creatures that need care, sufficient attention and love. They always gnaw so be watchful with your furniture when it is allowed to roam inside and around the house. They easily get frightened and should be given a den where they could run to when scared. Lastly, you should provide rabbits with ample amount of pellets, fresh water and exercise to maintain their health.


The most basic food you should give to your rabbit is the pellets. It contains the nutrients that your rabbit needed. Always remember to purchase pellets that are fresh and store them in cool and dry place.

Fresh water should be made available for your rabbits at all times. You may purchase different styles of water dispenser that will keep the water clean and is easy for your rabbit to use. The water dispenser should be changed every 2 days. A disinfectant should be used to clean it to avoid bacterial growth.

Lastly, include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. Some of their favorites are apples, carrots, spinach, lettuce, grass and clover. Fruits and vegetables are generally made up of fiber, water, and vitamins, which are helpful for the maintenance of health, but should not replace the pellets.


Rabbits are not very difficult to care for. As a matter of fact, they are very great in keeping themselves clean. However, they still need some extra help from you to maintain their health and cleanliness.

If your rabbit is longhaired, perform fur brushing at least twice a week. If it is undergoing shedding period, brush their fur daily. Keeping their fur clean will prevent hairball ingestion. Brush the hair along with the path of hair. As you brush, also watch for any sores, pests, etc. that is harming your pet.

Trim the nails every two weeks. Use pet nippers and be careful not to trim their nails too shortly to avoid bleeding and infliction of pain. Provide oral care by giving your pet something to chew and gnaw, which will clean their teeth.

Clean the ears every two weeks and check daily for presence of wax blockage or ticks. Use a soft cotton or soft cloth to clean all the noticeable areas of the ears. Do not insert the swab towards the ear canal. You may use oil, rubbing alcohol, or water to aid in easy removal of dirt. Make sure to dry it off later, though. 


Provide your rabbits an enclosure where it will feel safe and secured while resting, eating and sleeping. Indoors, you may provide the rabbit with a simple wire frame rabbit box. Make sure that the rabbit has enough room to hop, hide and climb. Outdoor houses should be made to protect the rabbit from the hot or cold environment.


If your rabbit is kept in a cage, don’t forget to let him out occasionally. This will promote good blood circulation and prevent undesirable behaviors like aggression.

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