Pet Rabbit Care in Hot Weather

Rabbit Care in Hot WeatherDo you remember watching a wildlife video about the natural lives of rabbits? Or watch Bugs Bunny in Loony Tunes perhaps? You might notice that rabbits usually burrow underground; Bugs Bunny even favors to dive into his burrowed field when his enemies come or when he feels like relaxing. The main reason for this is that rabbits want to protect themselves from heat.

Rabbits are very sensitive to heat. That is what all of the people who owns or plans to own a rabbit needs to know. This is the reason why you should keep your pet rabbits well off heat, especially in summer seasons. The following are some ideas on how to care for your rabbits in the heat of the summer.


When your bunny is kept outdoors, make sure that its cage is shaded generously throughout the day. Make sure that the cage is not stuffed with unnecessary things. Keep it spacious so the air can get in and out freely. Good ventilation will keep him cool and relaxed for the whole day.

Make sure to provide plenty of pellets and vegetables. Clean the left-overs after the rabbit has finished eating and change it to new ones to provide clean environment. Provide him with a clean water dispenser full of water. Make sure you change it everyday or as needed and clean it with a disinfectant every 2 days.

Provide your rabbit with cool and comfortable bedding. Do away with the mushy beddings for the summer season, as it will only add heat when slept into. Make sure to clean the bedding and its litter frequently to avoid any illnesses associated with ammonia accumulation.


In summer, it is best to keep your rabbits indoors if you have an air-conditioned house. This will save you from most of the worries you get from keeping your rabbits outdoors. However, consider keeping them in the cage as they might chew on your sofas and other furniture. If you let them out to roam around the house, make sure to keep an eye on them.  

If your house is not air-conditioned, however, you may still have the use of a fan to cool the rabbit. Another technique is to place a frozen bottle of water inside the cage, changing it frequently when melted.

Food and water should be provided and refilled as needed. Clean the cage often and dry wet areas immediately, as this will be a favored environment for bacterial growth. Also, maintain his grooming and play activities. It is best to let your rabbits play and exercise early in the morning or at dusk, as they prefer to sleep at daylight hours.

Remember, all of these things should be done whole-heartedly. Don’t think of these things as a job. Rather, think of this as a responsibility and a reward for the joy your rabbit has been giving you for the duration of its stay with you.

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