Choosing a Pet Horse

A pet horse is a beautiful animal that offers companionship and value in various aspects in life. If you wish to purchase a horse, the first thing you need to understand is that it will require a lot of time and work to care for and train your horse. Whereas it’s rarely possible for you to regret the decision of purchasing a horse, you may however rue your choice of horse if you’re not too careful. When selecting a horse, you need to ask yourself the following questions in order to arrive at the ideal choice.


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Why do you want a horse?

This question tackles the appropriate breed or type of horse you should select. Are you interested in owning a horse for recreational purposes? Are you interested in competing? Do you wish to engage in the business of breeding horses? Are you going to use a horse as an all-around work animal on your farm or ranch?

Who is going to ride the horse?

This mostly concerns individuals who are simply riding enthusiasts and wish to own a horse they can ride whenever they wish. If you are the only one who’s going to use the horse then you have your preferences alone to consider. If, however, you’re purchasing a horse that will be of use to the whole family then you need to take into account the riding level, size, and weight of all possible riders. You need to select a horse that can easily accommodate the biggest rider among you but won't be inclined to throw off an inexperienced rider off his back.

How old should the horse be?

A slightly older horse may be “house-broken” already but this also means that it also had the time to get used to certain routines. A slightly older horse for instance may be used to being able to graze free in a large area and being handled by competent riders. If you only have a small stable and little riding skills to be speak of, such a horse is obviously not the ideal choice for you.

A foal, on the other hand, may not have any such considerations but it will however require efficient care and professional training from its owner. As the foal’s owner, it’s your responsibility then to ensure that it’s comfortable with its quarters, being fed regularly, and with a gentle disposition that will allow people to ride it safely.

What difference does gender make?

Gender is mostly a concern of would-be horse breeders. Owning a mare will allow you greater rights in all future offspring. Having a stud is mostly suitable for experienced riders. Geldings on the other hand are ideal for riders with skills at the beginner level.

What color horse would you like?

The skin color of horses is generally any of the three: black, brown, or white. Skin color is only a factor if you're particularly concerned with aesthetics.

How much are you willing to spend?

Expect to spend a considerable amount of money whether you wish to purchase a horse for riding or working purposes. Make sure that you consider the costs of feeding, caring and grooming as well. If you don’t have a sufficient budget and space at home to build a stable for your horse, you will have no choice but to use the services of a boarding stable.

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