Pet Horse Cost

Brown Pet HorseHorses can be considered as an epitome of elegance, chivalry, strength, and dominance. With their towering structure and powerful posture, horses are admired by many and can be considered as an animal that all people dreamt of having. All people stand in awe when they see a horse, for its beauty is simply beyond compare. Having to see horses in ranch or stables is a wonderful experience, while owning one is a different story.    

Having a horse as pet would be considered a luxury. In such a way that purchasing a horse would obviously cost a fortune. Just basing on the large size of horses, pet horse costs are ten folds from the usual animals that you see as a pet. Choosing horse as a pet usually happens because of two instances: first because they want to compete in an equestrian competition or they simply want it because it is their dream to have a horse as their pet companion.

Purchasing a horse takes a lot of considerations. For one, the prospective owner should decide on what specific breed to choose. Like other animals, horses come in different breeds. They can be purebreds or crossbreds depending on the owner’s wants and needs. And prices vary from one breed to another. After that, one should also consider on where to purchase your horse. Horses are not like dogs and cats that can be easily seen displayed on pet shops and shelters. Horses can only be purchased through direct breeders from ranches and stables. And it is important that the prospective owner can identify trustworthy ranches and stable, wherein they will be buying their horse. Through this way, they will be assured to get what they paid for.  

But then, before even one considers buying a horse as a pet, one should assess if they are capable of raising and taking care of a horse. Aside from the initial expense of primarily purchasing the horse itself, the prospective owner should have the appropriate knowledge, equipment and area on where to place and raise the horse. Horses are not like your usual pets that can simply live in a cage and be placed either inside or outside your house. Horses need a vast space wherein they can run and explore. For, that is their nature and you can’t expect them to just stand still in the corner for the rest of their existence.

Quarter Horses, usually chosen for rodeo and barrel racing, can range from 1,000 – 4,000 dollars. On the other hand, Saddle Mules, which are half horse and half donkey, can cost from 1,000 – 3,500 dollars. Aside from the purchasing fee itself, it was estimated that the yearly expenses of pet horse care would total to at least 11,000 dollars. This amount includes, grooming fees, veterinary care, equipment, boarding, clothing, training and the likes.

Nonetheless, if you have the financial capabilities together with knowledge and training when it comes to horse care, then owning a pet horse would be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Having a pet is something. But having a horse as a pet, well, that’s something even better.

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