Pet Horse Care Equipment

Horse Care Equipment
In caring for horses, certain tools and supplies are needed. Below are the horse care products needed in order to maintain your horse’s health, beauty and environment:

Barn and Pasture Maintenance

  • Manure Fork – This equipment is used in cleaning horse manure. This is usually made of metal.

  • Pitch Fork – This equipment is useful in carrying and transferring hay.This may come in a metal or plastic form.

  • Stable Broom – This is used to clean and sweep the stable’s aisle. As an alternative, you may also use a power blower, which is more effective in removing dusts.

  • Wheel Barrow – This useful material is a cart used to carry things for your barn. It is commonly used for forage, water, or muck.

Feeding and Water

  • Feed tub – This tub is used for forage such as grass or hay. This is where the horse feeds and it is usually placed inside the stable.

  • Water Buckets – Water buckets should be filled with fresh water constantly. Also, it should be cleaned with soap and water to prevent water contamination.

  • Water heater – This is an equipment needed by those horse owners who live in cold and freezing environment. This will address the problem of water freezing.


  • Curry – This round-shaped tool is used to loosen hair, dirt and other debris on the horse’s body.

  • Dandy Brush – This is a hard brush used to remove hair, dust and other debris after being loosened by the curry.

  • Body Brush – This is made of soft brush used to take away smaller particles and dust.

  • Grooming Towel – This rug or towel is usually made of terrycloth and is occasionally called a “stable rubber.”

  • Mane Brush or Comb – This brush or comb is used for the horse’s mane and tail. Brushing or combing will help keep the mane tangle-free and shiny.

  • Hoof Pick – This is usually made of metal used to remove mud, manure, rocks, or other debris stuck into the horse’s hoofs.

  • Fly Spray – This is applied to ward off flies, especially in summer season.

  • Sweat Scraper – This equipment is used to remove fluid or sweat from a coat of the horse. This is usually made of plastic or metal.

  • Clippers – May come in the form of scissors or electric clippers. This is used commonly just behind the ears, or the bridle path. It is used to remove some of the mane so that the bridle will be laid off neatly.


  • Saddle with cinch or girth – A saddle is used so that the rider will be able to sit at the horse’s back more comfortably. A girth or cinch is used to hold the saddle in place. Make sure that the girth or cinch is tightened well to prevent slippage of the saddle. But, don’t make it extremely tight because it might hurt the horse.

  • Bridle – This equipment is usually fitted on the horse’s face so that the rider will be able to direct its path. The leather type is the most commonly used because of its durability. It also does not cause irritation on the horse’s skin.

  • Stirrups – This equipment is usually made of metal, which is hung on the sides of the horse. This is used to hold the rider’s foot.

  • Saddle pad – This is used to protect the horse’s back from the saddle, provides cushion, and absorbs the horse’s sweat. It is placed under the saddle.

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