Pet Fish Care for Kids

Tropical Fishes in AquariumHaving a pet fish swimming inside an enormous and beautifully designed aquarium is the dream of every child. Fish is considered as one of the animals that are being desired by children to be their pets. Maybe this is because children feel this certain joy and wonder as they observe fishes swimming inside their aquarium. At the same time, parents prefer and encourage their children to choose fishes as their pets for it is more convenient in so many ways compared to having a pet cat or dog.

Basically, having fish as a pet can save a lot of space, as this specific pet only needs a small aquarium or fish bowl on where the fish can swim around. Feeding is also not a problem as pet fish such as goldfish only need to eat pellet in their diet. This specific pellet doesn’t need special preparation as it is usually being purchased in pet shops, making it accessible. When it comes to sanitation and hygiene, most aquariums available nowadays have its own filtering system that can aid in the disposal of waste products of pet fishes. If a filtering system is not available, aquarium water can be change regularly to assure that the environment of the pet fishes is maintained clean always.

Indeed, taking care of pet fish can be easy. But then, that’s not the case when we talk about kids having a pet fish. One could say that it is obvious that taking care of fishes only involves feeding and changing of aquarium water. Yes, that may be true but we can’t expect that children will immediately be capable of doing these things appropriately on their own. Thus, it is essential that parents and significant others around children to supervise and guide children on proper ways in taking care of their pet fish.

An important factor that should be stressed in children is feeding of their pet fish. Usually, children get carried away when it comes to feeding their fish. They have this understanding that their pet fish is always hungry and must be fed regularly. Excessive feeding of pet fishes can be dangerous and life threatening. With this, children should be taught on how to observe proper feeding manner and feeding time. This can be done through making a feeding schedule that must be followed by the child. Through this way, children can be guided whether it is the right time to feed their pet fish.

Aside from that, children should be taught on how to keep the aquarium clean at all times. Not because the aquarium has its own filtering system doesn’t mean that cleaning shouldn’t be done. Aquarium with filtering system must also be wiped once in a while. Allow your children to partake in this kind of activity to make him/her feel involved in the taking care of their pet fish. If the aquarium is without a filtering system, cleaning can be done by changing the water with fresh one. Though may be a simple task, proper guidance should be observed as aquariums can be broken if not properly handled.  

Taking care of pet fish can be a strenuous activity. Therefore, appropriate assistance should be offered by the parents to their children. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the parents will do the entire task. It is important that children will be given the chance to take care of their pet fish in order for them to develop a sense of responsibility and accountability of one’s action.

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