Preparing for a Pet Ferret

Ferret Looking Up Ferrets have grown in popularity as pets over the past several years. In fact, in the United States, ferrets are the third most commonly preferred house pet, after dogs and cats. Ferrets are a great option for people are allergic to the pet dander produced by dogs and cats. Ferrets don’t produce dander. They could be called the hypo-allergenic pet.

But before you run off to get yourself a pet ferret, you should consider several important matters. First, a ferret may not be the best pet if you have young children at home. It is more a question of the children being a danger to the ferret than the ferret being a danger to the children. Evaluate carefully how your children might treat the small animal.

Ferrets are fairly expensive pets to own. Like all pets, they require food, water, and health care, but a ferret will also require a large cage. The ferret should kept in its cage when you are away from the house and while you are sleeping. Due to the high energy level of a ferret, you need to purchase a large cage. In fact, a multi-level cage is more adequate. These cages have a price range from $150 to $200 or more.

Ferrets require the regular and, sometimes, unexpected visits to the veterinarian. They need a general check-up twice a year, as well as vaccinations once each year. Ferrets are also prone to certain illnesses – and injuries – and may also require emergency services. The vet bills can really start piling up, and you need to be aware of this, and prepared for it, before you get a pet ferret.

Ferrets demand a lot of time and attention. They are not suitable for people who are seldom home or who don’t have the energy to play with them. They are extremely energetic and sociable creatures. Without proper socialization and interaction, it is unlikely that your pet will be happy.

Ferrets are often like small children that get into everything. You need to take special precautions so that your home is a safe haven for your ferret. They investigate everything and try to carry off objects to their hiding places. Like a child, they may swallow small objects. For this reason, household cleaners and other chemicals are a hazard and should be properly locked away. Ferrets are very smart, and can open cabinets and drawers if they are not secured. Before picking up your little pet, make your home as ferret-safe as possible.

If you do not have small children, you can afford the veterinarian bills, and you have enough time and love to give a pet, a ferret makes an ideal pet. They are furry and loveable. They will love you unconditionally. A ferret is neither like a cat nor like a dog. They do however, fall somewhere between the two when it comes to love and loyalty. A ferret will never be as obedient as a dog – and never as aloof as a cat. They do their own thing, and are happy to include you when you ask – and will ask for you to include them as well in the things that you do.

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