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Owning a pet dog can be a wonderful experience. A deep bond can be developed between you and your animal as you care for and train him. To help you make the most of the relationship, Pet Care and Training offers a growing repository of articles on dog care and dog training.

Understanding how to care and train your animal is important to having a positive experience. The first step, however, is choosing a dog breed that is compatable with your personality and lifestyle. There are over 150 breeds that are categorized into 8 dog breed types or groups.

The choice to have a dog needs to be considered very carefully. Caring for your pet includes feeding, watering and grooming. There are also health concerns such as teeth care, regular check-ups, vaccinations and medication when ill. Time should be set aside for playing with and exercising your dog. There are many more important questions concerning proper dog care that you will find answers to in our collection of articles.

Another important factor in owning a dog is training. What method of training will you use? How long will it last? What do you expect to accomplish? Will you do it yourself or hire a professional trainer? What equipment will you need?

The directory of dog care and training articles will provide you with the tips and advice you needs to properly care for an train your pet so that your relationship with your dog will be a positive and rewarding one.

Dog Care Articles

Dog Training Articles

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