Pet Dog for Kids

 Girl with Yorkshire terrierTechnology had helped us in more ways than one. It has made our living convenient and easy. Yet, together with this, it resulted to us developing a sedentary lifestyle as we greatly depended on the benefits technology has to offer. This situation was brought about by the growing influence of technology in our lives. And this reality doesn’t exclude children.

Nowadays, children are so engrossed with the computer games, video games and the likes. With this, children prefer staying in front of their computer or television sets rather than engage themselves in fun games and activities. At the same time, children tend to become isolated and aloof as computer and video games, which are considered as solitary games, foster poor social interaction. These conditions could possibly disrupt the normal growth and development expected of children. Thus, children should be given better alternative when it comes to activities and interaction. And what better choice there is than to provide a pet dog for kids.

Dog as Companions

Dogs can be considered as man’s best friend as it can become a great companion. Dogs are type of animals when given ample love and care can also give the same amount of affection and trust or even more to its owner. At the same time, dogs can be trained to do tricks and develop various skills that could develop better the bond existing between the pet and the owner. Ideas of dogs being a companion appeal to both adult and children as both developmental stages yearn and focus on building relationship such as friendship with other person or living entity.  Aside from that, children at this stage are curious of a lot of things including animals and other living being. Thus, allowing children to have a dog as a pet will help cultivate curiosity and discovery.

To be Responsible

In having dogs as pets, children develop a sense of responsibility and accountability as taking care of dogs is never easy. Children should be aware and oriented that having a pet dog doesn’t only mean that they have something to pat or to play with. Like any other living entity, taking care of dogs entail meeting its overall needs such as food, shelter, grooming and hygiene, and veterinary check ups. These needs must be met in order to assure adequate health and nutrition. Nonetheless, this task of taking care of pet dog by children should never be left unsupervised. Children should be guided on what to do and how it is done. However, children should still be given appropriate authority and responsibility so that they will feel involved with the taking care their pet dog.

The Right Dog

Children can have dogs as pet. But then, one should be mindful on what breed of dog is appropriate for your children. There are various breed of dogs available in pet shops and animal centers. Dogs vary from sizes to appearance. Some dogs can grow up to 3 feet while other can be as small as a tea cup. Other dogs can be furry and big in built while some dogs can have less fur and skinny in appearance. Choosing the right dog must take into consideration different factors to assure the safety of your children. However, one should bear in mind that whatever decision it may be, always consider the idea and opinion of your children.

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