Pet Dog Care Products

Dog FoodWhen we talk about dog care products, it does not only mean the basic food and shelter. It includes everything that keeps the dog happy and healthy. Your dog is already part of your family so you should take care of them as you take care of your family members.

Dog care products are divided into three categories – the basic, the functional and the pampering. The following consists of the examples and distinctions of each category:


The basic supplies are the essential supplies needed to keep the dog healthy and safe. Food is the most basic supply needed by the dog. Dog foods should be healthy, nutritious and with less calories. Foods should be properly stored in cool and dry place. Vitamins and other food supplements may also be given. However, before giving these products to your pet, you should first consult your veterinarian.

Next to the food is the shelter. Inside the house, your dog may be confined in a crate for training and control purposes. Dog crates could also be used in traveling. Dog houses are a must especially when you keep your dog outside the house most of the time. It protects them from intense heat or cold.

Basic products also include the grooming supplies. One of its examples is the hair brush, which has two types - the brush that have soft bristles and those with firm strands. Wide tooth comb is recommended after bathing, and not the brush.

There are many types of dog shampoos and dog soaps for your dog. There are medicated shampoos and soaps, scented, etc.  You just have to choose what's best for your dog and what best addresses their needs.

A blower is a useful device to dry the dog's hair after bathing. It prevents the hair from matting and it also reduces the duration of time the dog shivers from cold.

Choose a moderately sharp nail cutter so you would not have difficulty cutting the dog's nails. Nail files may also be used to reduce the sharpness of the nails and to form the edges.

Toothbrushes, Greenies, breath sprays, dental care treats and dental care toys are available in the market or in the Internet to care for your dog's oral health.

Dog collars are included in the basic needs of the dogs. It is proven that dog collars are useful not only when the dog is outside the house. May it be during bathing, playing or feeding, you will never know when that collar will come useful.


Functional products include the dog door, dog gates and dog fences. Dog doors come in different forms. There are ordinary dog flaps, electronic dog doors, sliding patio doors, and many more. It enables your dog to enter and exit the house without needing a person to open the door for them.

Dog fences and dog gates are useful inside and outside the house. It restricts the dog from certain parts of the house when placed inside. When placed outside, it prevents the dog from jumping over the ordinary fence towards the streets, which may be hazardous.


These are products, which gives your dog comfort, pleasure and/or relaxation. Examples of these are dog beds, dog toys, dog treats, and aromatherapy massage.