Pet Dog Care in Hot Weather

Dog During SummerSummer is a great time for you and your dog to share recreational activities together. It is a great time for swimming, playing in the park, etc. However, you should bear in mind that the hot weather could also bring harm to your dog. Always keep in mind the possibility of sunburns, dehydration or heatstroke. That’s why planning every activities are important to prevent these undesirable situations.

Either at home or outdoors, make fresh water available to your dog at all times. This is the most basic way to cool down your pet during this hot season. Also, give him highly nutritious foods. Avoid too much sweets and treats.

Dog pools or swimming in other bodies of water are very popular for this season. Aside from the amusement it gives to you and your pet, swimming is also a great way for exercise. However, you should remember not to let your dog swim when the sun is at its highest. This poses a danger for sunburn and heatstroke. Therefore, let your dog swim or exercise in early mornings or late afternoons. Also, always be present to guide and watch your dog whenever it is in or near the water for his safety. This does not excuse you even when your dog uses dog life jacket.  

If you’re planning to install a pool on your backyard, make sure that the area is shaded for the most part of the day. Also, bring the doghouse to a shaded area so that the house will not overheat. But, it is advised to bring your dog indoors during the day so it could rest well with the coolness of the house.

As mentioned above, dog activities and exercises should be limited and should only be done during the early morning or late afternoon. You should not leave your dog standing for too long in the streets when the weather is at its hottest. Avoid giving your dog injured or burned paws by standing in the hot pavement. Also, do not leave your dog in a parked vehicle, even when the windows are open.

Snub-nosed dogs such as the Pekingese, bulldogs, shih tzu, Lasa apsos and Boston terriers are very sensitive to heat. Keep them inside an air-conditioned room as much as possible during the day. This goes same with the sick, old and overweight dogs.

Another thing that you must avoid is walking your dog on areas or lawns suspected with chemical spraying. Spraying of insecticides in the garden plants are usually done in the summer. This is the reason why an increased number of poisoning happens during this season. With that knowledge, you should provide safe environment for your dog by avoiding these areas.

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