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Pet Cat Care and Training Tips

Pet Cat Owning a pet cat can be a wonderful experience if you know how to properly care for and train your animal. You'll find some helpful tips and advice below.

Did you know that there are more pet cats than pet dogs? That's right. According to the Pet Food Institute, there are approximately 70 million cats (compared to 58 million dogs) living in U.S. households in the United States.

Cats aren’t used much at all for hunting mice and rodent anymore. They are owned for both companionship and show. In fact, the American Humane Association claims nine in ten pet owners surveyed say they consider their pet a member of the family.

There are a lot of breeds available, from the traditional alley cat to the well known Siamese. The International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance recognizes 73 feline breeds. Each breed is unique in its own way, and will provide you with years of companionship if you take care of them.

You can get a cat from a reputable breeder, through a local newspaper, or an adoption agency. They can also be obtained from a local pound. No matter which way you decide to pursue, you should always make sure that your cat is healthy. If you get a healthy cat, you won’t have a lot of problems later on down the road.

Pet Cat Care and Training Resources

Pet Cat Training Tips - Basics of Good Behavior for Your Cat

Tips for effective cat training. Learn how to train your cat and avoid behavior problems.

Best Cat Toys
Ideas for finding toys in your own home that your pet cat will thoroughly enjoy.

Cat Beds
Tips for choosing the best cat beds for your pet cat. 

Cat Care Games
Discover how exciting and fun cat caring games are, which can be played online or offline.

Cat Carriers
Tips for choosing the best cat carrier suited for your beloved pet cat.

Cat Collars
Tips for choosing the best cat collars for your cute pet cat.

Cat Doors
Information on the different types of cat doors or flaps available.

Cat Fences
Facts about the different types and kinds of fences suited for pet cats.

Cat Houses
Different types of cat houses that are suited for different cats, weather conditions and climates.

Cat Leash
Information about cat leash that is one of the must-have items for your pet cats.

Cat Litter Boxes
A useful item that should be purchased by any cat owners for their pet cats.

Cat Toys
Tips for choosing the best and safe toys for your pet cats.

Cat Trees
Information about cat trees that are really useful for cats that love to scratch.

Death of a Pet Cat
A helpful advice for cat owners who just lost their pet cats.

Elderly Cat Care
A useful guide on how to take care of your elderly pet cats.

Exotic Cats as Pets
A guide on the different exotic cats that can be made as pets at home and for children.

Homeopathic Cat Care
Cat care tips for your delicate and sick pet cat. 

Pet Cat Adoption
A friendly advice on how to pick the right cat when planning cat adoption.

Pet Cat Care After Neutering
Tips on how to take care of your cat at home after undergoing the neutering procedure.

Pet Cat Care After Spaying
Tips on how to take care of your cat at home after undergoing the spaying procedure.

Pet Cat Care in Hot Weather
Help your cats cool down when the summer season is at hand!

Pet Cat Care Products
Products that will aid you in maintaining your pet cat's optimum health and well being.

Pet Cat Care Tips
Tips and advices for cat owners on how to keep their cats healthy ang happy.

Pet Cat Names
Suggested names and some tips on how to choose good cat names for your pets.

Pet Cat Supplies
Suggested cat supplies that are useful in terms of cat grooming, feeding, etc.

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