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Pet Cat Supplies

Playful CatBefore adopting a cat, people should know that it entails responsibility. By this, the owners should keep in mind that cats have special needs to be addressed when kept at home. It means caring for the cat to maintain its optimum health and well-being. In order to do this, cat products or supplies are available to aid in achieving the said goal. Below are the basic, functional, and pampering supplies that your cat will need and enjoy.

Basic supplies are the important supplies that your cats need in order to stay healthy and safe. Food is the most basic need of a cat. Give cat foods that are highly nutritious and avoid foods high in calories. You may either give them processed cat foods that are available in pet stores, or cooked foods such as meat or fish. Vitamins and mineral supplements could also be given but make sure it is approved by your veterinarian.

Provide your cat with fresh water at all times. You may put it in a pet bowl or in a water dispenser. Either ways, you should make sure to clean the containers every day by washing it with water and an antibacterial liquid. Also, keep your cat inside the home as much as possible. Cat grooming supplies are also included in the basic supplies. It includes the hairbrush or comb, nail trimmer, shampoo, bath towels, shedding tools, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Functional cat supplies are those products or devices that are very useful for the cat. These include products such as the cat flaps or doors, cat trees, cat litter boxes, cat collars, cat leash, cat carriers, cat fences, cat scratch pad and cathouses. Other includes the bath wipes, styptic pads, cat furniture, cat bowls and feeders, and catnip.

Pampering products are those that make your cat comfortable and relaxed. The most common supplies for this category include the cat beds, cat mats, cat pillows, cat treats and cat toys. Cat tunnels, treat balls, ticklers, toy circuits, vibrating and chirping toy mouse, and colored kitten balls are a popular choice for cat toys. Cat play gyms can also be found usually in the Internet, which you may want to try. You can find other pampering products in the market nowadays like the cat spa, which is a machine that massages your cat.  

Other products that you might want to try include the cat clothes for cats and cat clothes for humans. Clothes for humans are usually designed to show others how much you care and love your cat. Cat clothes, on the other hand, are pieces of apparel that makes your cat look unique from others. You may also want to try cat water fountains. These are water dispensers that function like the human water fountains.

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