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Pet Cat Names

Cute Beige KittenHaving a cat as a pet is an experience beyond compare. Cats are known to be sweet and affectionate, as they know how to charm their way into anybody’s heart. At the same time, cats are considered to be one of the most manageable and trainable animal there is, making it as a favorite and common choice of pet. Though having cats as pet entail specific and special needs to met such as food, shelter, clinic visits and hygiene, like any other pet, they require ample time, affection and love. Other from that, the time spent of taking care of one’s cat is an activity that is mostly enjoyed by owners. A pet cat’s daily routine includes feeding, grooming, playing and the likes.

Nonetheless, among all these things, before even thinking of caring of pet cats or buying one, most people consider on what name to choose for their pet. Basically, one of the highlights in having a pet such as a cat, is having the opportunity to think and find the appropriate name. Giving name can be a crucial ritual for some owners. Others consider name as symbol of what their pet cat represents in their lives. On the other hand, naming their pet cat can be based on their own personality, past experience, emotions, and sentiments. But then, some people consider naming their pets an experience that is fun and exciting as they witness their pet being part of their family or home.

Naming a pet cat can be done basing on personal preferences. Based on a survey done in the U.S.A., common names given for pet cats are Max, Tigger, Jake, Maggie and Kitty.

Male or Female?

Names usually depend on gender. And this rule includes pet cat. Giving pet cat its name can be based on whether the cat is male or female. However, nowadays, pet cats can be named the other way around such as male cats having female names and female cats having male names. On the other hands, some names are derived from traits or values like happiness, love, fun, etc. that can be both a male and female name. 

Consider the Breed

There is a wide range of cat breed existing. These breeds define on what certain appearance, trait or characteristics a cat can have. Based on their respective appearance, appropriate names can be derived. Cats that are abundant in fur can be called Fluffy or depending on one’s imagination. Other cat with small structure and height can be named Shorty or even Tinker Bell.  

Long or Short?

Giving pet cat names is recommended to be short and simple. This is done in order for the owner to easily familiarize his/her pet cat’s name. At the same time, having a short and simple pet cat name can make calling your pet convenient and fast. Other from that, pet cat name should not involve complicated words or names for it will only result to difficulty. However, these are mere tips that can be considered but necessarily be followed. One can be unique by having a long and special pet cat name if the owner prefers it to be.

Nonetheless, whatever name you come up for your pet cat, what is important is the bond established between the two of you. Names are only names once it is not given love and affection.

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