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Pet Cat Care Tips

Cat care TipsIn history, cats are often wild and aggressive. They are one of the many animals that are avoided by our ancestors. Nowadays, we already have domesticated cats that are very different from the wild ones. Like all of the domesticated animals, cats have certain needs that have to be addressed. Moreover, we need to give them extra care aside from providing their basic needs. Here are some tips on how to give your cat the best care you could offer:


Cats do not eat as much as dogs. Cat foods should be highly nutritious and with less calories content. You may consult your veterinarian about the  best food for your cat. Vitamins and food supplements may also be given with the approval of your vet. And don't forget to give your cats sweets and treats for their snacks. In feeding the cat, use placemats under their feeding bowl because cats tend to get messy when eating.


Cats are known to fear water. Well, most of the cases prove that to be true. However, some of the cats may be trained for bathing. You just have to be patient and you need to learn the proper techniques in bathing a cat. Some use diversional methods like giving the cat something to scratch for the whole duration of bathing. With that, it means you have to be very quick.

Clean the cat's ears after every bath. Make sure that the inner ears are dried completely. Use hairbrush or comb to remove tangles and prevent matting, especially for longhaired cats. If your cat does not want to be brushed or combed, you may use an alternative, which is called a grooming glove. The owner wears it and it removes loose hair, dust and any debris on the cat's body while you stoke it.

In removing dirt or debris in the cat's eyes, use a damp cloth. Use fingertip toothbrush and specially flavored toothpaste so your cat will enjoy the tooth brushing session. Nail care should be done with the use of pet nail clippers. Make sure to exercise caution while clipping the cat's nails. Avoid cutting the nails too short because you may clip their skin. This will result to bleeding and is definitely very painful to the cat.


If you think that accessories are just a waist of money, then think again. Cat accessories are useful items for your cats. The cat should wear a cat collar all the time. Aside from holding the tag, it may also be used for the leash. However, a harness is more recommended for the leash because it is safer to use. Cats love to stay in soft and comfortable places. To avoid the cat from jumping into your bed at night, give her a nice cat bed. Cat carrier is a very important item especially if you are traveling long distances.

Cat doors are useful because it gives your cat the freedom to go out and get in of the house without needing someone to open the door for her. Cat fences are also used to ensure that the cat is safe from the dangerous road. It is because cat fences are designed to prevent the cat from jumping over towards the streets.

A cat litter box is a useful accessory especially when you toilet train your cats. Its purpose is to absorb the odor of the cat's poop or urine and most enables the owner to clean it easily.

Cats love to scratch. Isn't it devastating to see your sofa, for instance, one morning already torn apart? Then you should purchase or make your own cat tree. It is a structure usually covered with a carpet to encourage the cat to scratch on them instead of your furniture.

Lastly, don't forget the cat toys. If you really care about your cat, then you should remember that cats have a playful nature. Some of their favorites are ping-pong balls, a toy mouse, a feather, and an empty paper bag. Toys don't have to be expensive, you may even make one yourself. Just remember to ensure safety and avoid giving the following especially without your supervision: long yarns, strings or ribbons, plastic bags, and any sharp objects.

Play and Exercise        

Giving your cat your time, especially when playing, strengthens your bond. Aside from that, playing provides them with the exercise they needed to burn those extra fats, strengthen their muscles and bones, and to promote good blood circulation.

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