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Having to own a pet cat can be done in two ways, whether to purchase one at your nearest pet shop or go to a trusted cat shelter or rescue center and sign yourself for a cat adoption. Both buying at a pet shop and adoption have their own sets of pros and cons when it comes to attaining a pet cat.

Basically, it is more convenient to purchase your pet cat from a pet shop. All you have to do is go inside the pet shop, choose a cat, and then you have a pet cat to take home. Also, pet shops have a wide selection of various breed of cats giving the prospective owner chance to choose. Though it may sound easy, however, it doesn’t come cheap.

On the other hand, adoption is more favorable in a humanitarian way. Through adoption, one can help in providing homes for abandoned cats. Aside from that, most rescue centers have different breeds of cats as well. Also, cats found in rescue centers are said to be already trained for a home. This is done in rescue centers wherein rescued cats are allowed to mingle with other animals making them more sociable and people friendly. Rescue centers also arrange a foster home program for animals allowing the animals to be accustomed to home set up. At the same time, rescuers working in rescue centers can also assist you in choosing the right cat for you. Rescuers can provide tips and advises on how to handle your chosen cat.

Moreover, one advantage that is worth mentioning is that, when things won’t work out with you and your adopted cat, most rescue centers allow cats to be returned. However, this incidence of mismatch can be prevented by means of the screening process most rescue centers have. This screening process is done to assure that you will get the right cat for you. But then, not like in pet shops, having an adoption can require certain amount of patience and at the same time it isn’t for free.

Getting Ready for Adoption

In deciding to go for cat adoption, it is important to prepare one’s budget for the fees that need to be paid. Primarily, cat adoption doesn’t come free. Usually, cats seen in rescue center are already provided with vaccines and veterinary check – ups. With this, a certain adoption fee is required to cover for the prior expenses. Usually, adoption fees ranges from 100 to 300 dollars.

Whether through adoption or buying at a pet shop, what is important is a person’s desire to own a pet cat. Having a pet cat entails numerous responsibilities that should be fulfilled to assure the pet cast’s well being.  Thus, if one finally decided to have a pet cat, he/ she should be truly prepared.

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