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Bird Care InformationBirds are one of the most popular animals that are made pets. Like all other pets, birds have their special needs that should be provided by their owners. Aside from their basic needs, special care is also needed to give your pet bird a good quality of life. Mentioned below is the information you could use in caring for your pet bird:


The food that should be given to your pet depends on the type of bird you have. However, some of the birds’ favored foods are fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. It is good if you give a variety of food than just giving one type to provide a balanced diet. This will also provide the bird with the Vitamins and minerals it needs.

Place the food in a proper container and it should be replaced as needed. Clean the left-overs to keep a hygienic environment. Provide fresh water in a clean water dispenser. Change it at least daily.

Bird Cage

Whether you keep your bird indoors or outdoors, it is best to let it remain inside the cage. Some people resort in tying a rope at the bird’s leg all of the time to keep it from flying away instead of keeping it in the cage. This is discouraged because it will cause injury to the bird. Also, the cage will protect the bird from predators like cats, dogs, rats, etc.

Choose a cage that is appropriate for the size of your bird. Make sure that it is enough for the bird to fly freely inside whenever they want to. Also, consider the size and the spacing of the bars. Make sure that your pet could not get past them, or any other predators will not get through them. Other accessories like bowls, perches and toys may also be placed for finishing touches.

Make sure to clean the cage for the bird droppings and mess frequently. Don’t let the litter stay for too long because this might give your bird sickness.


Birds have their own way in grooming themselves. However, they still need some of your help to maintain their beauty and health. A pet owner should decide whether to trim the pet’s wings or not.  For birds that are permitted to fly around the house, trimming is not needed. For caged birds, wings should be trimmed to prevent the birds from injuring themselves. 

Nail and beak care should be done as needed. A file is more recommended to be used than a nail clipper. Also, provide an opportunity for you birds to take a bath. A spray bottle may be used to spray water from outside the cage. The birds will definitely love it.


Birds also need to exercise like other pets. A guided exercise is very useful especially for the birds with trimmed wings because they are the ones who could not fly as normal birds could. A toy like rattles, balls, ropes, etc. allows them to perform activities, which will stretch their limbs and strengthen their muscles. 

A bird that doesn’t have exercise activities is prone to developing undesirable behaviors and also depression. With this, your bird will be more prone to sickness. That’s why we should provide the care that our pet needs so they would not feel neglected.

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