Old Hamster Pet Care

Hamster in Orange Background

Hamsters are considered to be one of the most favorite choices when it comes to choosing a pet. Basically, hamsters are mammals that fall under the category of rodents. They are small in size with furry appearance. Aside from that a prominent characteristics identified with hamsters are their prominent cheek pouches that comes in handy when they store they food they eat. There are numerous breeds of hamsters available. There are breeds such as Golden hamster, White Russian hamster, Chinese hamsters, and a lot more. These various breeds have corresponding unique and specific features that make every breed of hamster unique from one another. Hamsters are animals that are easily manageable as they can be placed in a small cage and be feed with respective hamster pellet.

Nonetheless, though how much one can take good care of his pet hamster, there will come a point when they will grow old and eventually die. Usually, a hamster has a life expectancy of 2 years to 3 years maximum. That’s why it is essential for one to know what age of their hamster if ever they will avail in a pet shop. Knowing their age upon purchasing, can help owners anticipate until when will their pet live. This figure excludes the chances of any untoward situation such as diseases and illness.  If a hamster is with sickness, chances are it will die sooner once it is not given immediate and ample veterinary care. Aside from that, old hamsters should be given specific and special care different from that of a young hamster. This is done because old hamsters have different needs and physiologic condition that must be considered especially when providing care to them.

Once pet hamster goes old, they tend to be come less lively as they seldom run around their cage or play in their wheel than the usual. Also, old hamster may also show signs of baldness, as less fur will be seen in them. Other from that, they may observe that they chew less than before, thus, may cause various gastrointestinal problems. Having these noticeable and alarming changes, necessary adjustments when it comes to their care should be done.

When it comes to their environment, feeding bowl and water bottle must be placed in the lowest level of the cage. This is for the purpose of lessening the chances of old hamsters being tired. In connection to that, old hamster should be properly hydrated and at the same time, feeding must be monitored to ascertain that appropriate intake is met. In terms of grooming, old hamsters may look dirty at times because of their inability to clean themselves as they usually do when they are younger. But then, bathing them is never the answer for this may lead to problems such as chills. When it comes to this kind of concern it is recommended that Chincilla dust must be provided inside the cage wherein hamsters can roll and clean themselves. Activities such as running in the wheel or around the cage are still encouraged with old hamsters. However, the owner should be watchful if the hamster appears to be tired or stressed.

It is important that owners of old hamsters should know how to anticipate this kind of situation. They must be aware on how to assess their pet hamster’s condition. Nonetheless, veterinary visits must still be done regularly.

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