Young Horse Training Tips

Young Horse You can easily find volumes on young horse training instruction but you may not have the time to read them. Whether you are a professional trainer or just want to train your own animal, the tips listed below will give you a starting point.

You can find a wide variety of techniques utilized in the training of young horses. Not any one method is perfect. It may be necessary to try several until you find the one that is most compatible with your personal style and the horse you are training.

Review the various methods, find one that you believe will be effective, then go to work. You can always adapt and modify the techniques as you go along.

Now, check out some of the most common but effective training tips for young horses that have been practiced by trainers for generations.


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The Right Breed of Horse to Train

Any horse training regimen depends on the breed being trained. Like humans, horses have fast and slow learners. Take the case of the mountain horse, which could be trained under the saddle as early as two years of age. Or the Arabians, which are notably slow on their development; so at two years old, they can hardly be trained for anything yet. Even under one breed, individual horses still have their own development rate; knowing this will enable you to adjust your training program accordingly.

The Right Age to Train Your Horse

The average age that a horse can begin training is about five years old. Although at this age, horses are still very young and therefore shouldn't be handled severely because an ironfisted training program at this age can damage their physical development. Letting the horse feel what it is like under the saddle should be the focus at this age.

The Right Horse Training Regimen

While it is true that horses can begin training at five or even two years old, young horses should never undergo a training program that is meant for fully-grown horses. Training sessions for younger horses should start with fifteen to thirty minutes of training periods.

The Right Horse Training Environment

The training environment plays an important role in the training of young horses. For instance, deep layers of soft sand in the riding ring may not be good for young horses as they will have to pull harder to move their feet out of the sand. Also, an inclined training ground may put more stress to the young horse's developing legs; therefore a level field is preferable.

Get It Right for the Best Results

Training a young horse effectively depends on the choosing the right breed, starting the right regimen at the right time in the right environment. Get these right and you will certainly see great results.

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