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Homeopathic Cat Care

White CatCats are considered as one of the well-loved domesticated pets in our own homes. As they bring joy and happiness to our households, they must be given in return the love and care they need. Cats need to be groomed, fed, trained and cared for. They also needed to be protected from any illness or diseases, even treated for any medical condition. In order for you to become a good cat-owner, several things must be considered in caring for your pet cats, such as proper hygiene, grooming and appropriate training for your pets. However, when your pet cats are sick or having illness, you really need to pay attention to your pet’s condition.

Defining Homeopathy and its Form

One form of alternative veterinary medicine for pets is called veterinary homeopathy. Homeopathy was first proposed by a German physician in 1796, used mainly for alternative treatment for humans. This treatment can be a shift from the usual approach of healing. Since then, it became widely used and available even to all pet-owners. Most of the pet-owners turn to homeopathy as the “last hope”, because homeopathic care can treat some of the severe maladies that a pet can acquire such as ear problems, skin diseases, nasal discharges and sneezing, abscesses, degenerative myelopathy, lacerations and cuts, and among others.

Like the standard conventional medications, homeopathic remedies usually come from natural sources such as plants and chemical minerals. The similarities of both mainstream medications and homeopathic remedies end with its potency through dilution and the way it gives effect on the disease. The remedies come in form of pellets or sometimes pills that is usually dissolved under the tongue and requires minimum handling. A liquid form can be easily administered to pets through drops directly into their mouths prior to calming and comforting them.

Homeopathic Care

Rendering homeopathic care to cats are not only limited to alternative medications. Holistic care also plays a vital role in caring for your pet cats. Cats need their own necessities such as food, litter boxes and flea control. This would not cost that much, but owners must choose the appropriate things for their pet cats.

In choosing the right diet for your pet cats, raw food diet can be healthier than commercial processed foods. Raw food can be favorable for cats because it closely approximates the diet that cats would get in the wild; the kind which would make their body healthy. As a matter of fact, cats have a variety of diet in the undomesticated environment, such as organ meat. However, there are no accessible resources, nor time for the owners to give the cats live prey.

Lastly, cat care must also consist of attending physical comforts to your pets, such as emotional and intellectual stimulation and love. Talk to your cat as if it is your best friend, and it will be one also to you. Allow your cat to express its unique personality, and also, stimulate its natural intellect with toys, games and some training.

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