Hamster Care for Kids

Hamster and GirlThere will always come a point in a child’s life that they will want a pet. And these are the times, when parents face the problem on whether to allow their children and if they do, what will be the ideal pet for their kids. There is now a wide of selection of animals that children can choose from to be their pets. Both cats and dogs are known to be popular choices. However, nowadays, a small rodent is making a wave in the pet industry. With their small built and furry appearance, hamsters are now becoming a popular option when kids consider having a pet. At the same time, parents see hamsters as a better choice considering that they seem to be easy to take care and manage by their young children.

Indeed, hamsters are perfect candidate when one speaks of picking the ideal pet for your children. Nonetheless, before even purchasing a pet hamster for your kids, it is essential that parents should identify and gauge their children’s preparedness and ability to take care of a pet. Having a pet is not merely about having an animal that children can play with. Taking care of pets entails a great deal of responsibility and hard work especially on the part of younger children, as numerous needs of their pets must be met promptly and appropriately. A child’s readiness to have a pet can be determined if he/she is able to follow simple instructions, shows responsibility and most importantly understands the consequences of mistakes. Once parents see that the child is ready, then a pet hamster can be purchased immediately.  

When it comes to caring of hamsters by kids, one should bear in mind that proper instructions must be relayed in order for them to give proper care to their pet. Hamsters should be properly handled by children by means of placing their pet hamster inside their cupped hands. Together with this, avoid moving the hamster around or squeezing it while it is in your hands must be observed to prevent distressing the hamster. Through this way, injury to the pet hamster can be prevented. At the same time, instruct children never to force hamsters to come to you. Chasing them can cause undue pressure that can make them aggressive. Simply allow them to come nearer to you.

In terms of feeding, a recommended diet must be provided daily. Children can take part in the preparation of the hamster food. At the same time, aside from the usual hamster feeds or pellets, celery and other vegetable can be added to the meal. Also, water must be provided in hamster sip – bottle that is placed near the niche or bed of the pet hamster. Make it the responsibity of the child to regularly change the water found inside the sip -bottle. Another element to consider is the environment of the pet hamster. The cage of the hamster must be regularly cleaned to prevent dirt from accumulating that could foster growth of microorganisms and bacteria. Cleaning of the cage can be done by daily change of the bed shavings of their pet hamster.

Indeed, taking care of a hamster can be a fun and challenging experience for children. But then, it is also important that parents take part in this activity by supervising their children. Through this way, the children’s safety will be assured at the same time it can be a venue for parent – child bonding.

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