How to Choose a Farrier for Your Horse

A farrier is essential to maintaining healthy horse hooves. Horse owners are spending significant amounts of money for the hoof and foot care of their animals. You know that the strength of horses rely heavily on the animals' running speed.

Well, horse shoes are especially crafted to help horses maintain their overall standing posture and speed when running.

Shoe makers are to humans as farriers are to horses. Yes, horses need their own expert hoof care specialists. You can become that specialist if you so choose. Through participation in special clinics or private instruction you can learn this important part of taking care of your pet horse.

To the ordinary horse owner, the expertise of a farrier isn't really necessary, but for those who are very keen and meticulous over their horses' health and overall health, farriers are one of the most important aides an owner could provide to the animals.

What to Look for in a Farrier

Once upon a time, farriers were considered as estranged bed fellows to the blacksmiths because it had been assumed that the nature of the two jobs were one and the same.

But through the years, the distinction between the two eventually surfaced. Though, the two are considered almost the same, their expertise are different. Though, both professions command great recognition because it takes a significant amount of skill and talent to emerge in both of them.

The work of farrier is as complicated as the work of the blacksmith because trimming hoofs and making special shoes for horses is as tedious as crafting glasses and furniture.

That is why when hiring a farrier for horses, the owner must pay particular attention to the applicant-farrier's expertise and knowledge base.

The first thing the horse owner must look at when selecting a farrier from a pool of applicants is the history of experience. Though, it would somehow seem unfair to the new farriers, old and seasoned ones are more favored.

That is because experienced farriers know what to do in certain difficult situations. Whatever challenge or problem that may arise, the experienced farrier will definitely know how to handle each obstacle.

Experience must have also taught him how to get along with the horses, especially those which are bred and raised to race and join other equestrian events.

Farriers must know when to shoe horses or what to do when there are problems fitting the horse for shoes. Farriers must also be experienced on trimming hooves.

The new farriers might not be shut out, however. Some horse owners prefer them over the veterans because their services are less expensive. They can also be further trained so they can get along with the horses on a ranch.

Farrier Trimming Hooves
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