Exotic Pets - Should You Have an Exotic Pet in Your Home?

Many people are attracted by exotic pets. It makes them feel unique and different.

People see exotic animals in the movies or television shows and may just decide to have one at home. Now, bringing home an exotic pet will entail more considerations.

What Is an Exotic Pet?

An exotic pet is an unusual animal that is maintained as a pet in the household. The term can cover various kinds of animals. Exotic pets can also be the reptiles like chameleons or iguanas, snakes, tarantulas or fancy birds.

It can also include rodents and ferrets or farm animals like pigs or goats because they aren't usual pets that are maintained in the house.

Is It Legal to Own Exotic Pets?

State and federal laws can provide restrictions and regulations of animals that aren't common house pets. For example, ownership of a farm animal in the urban areas like the pig has certain requirements. The house must be big enough to keep it within an enclosure.

There are also animals that can't be owned because they are banned by state laws. Some states don't allow the ownership of snakes or monkeys. There are also federal laws that ban the importation of some animals.

The endangered kinds can't be kept at home also.

Caring and Maintenance

Owning an exotic pet also means bigger responsibility. Exotic pets aren't typical household companions. They will have peculiar needs and demands that must be met in order to maintain a safe atmosphere in the house and in the neighborhood.

1. The owner must know the basic needs of the pet like the required diet. Some can live on fruits and feeds like rodents and the monkeys. Some have more complicated or expensive foods like snakes or big cats.

2. Second, find a location within the household to maintain the pet. It has to be kept according to its kind. Maintain proper caging. There must be enough space for the animal to move. It must also be strong and sturdy enough to keep it from escaping.

3. Get the right knowledge and training in keeping the exotic pet. There are peculiar behaviors be wary of and the pet might be something that can be trained.

4. Find a willing veterinarian who could give assistance anytime help is needed. This is to ensure that when things get complicated, there is someone to ask help from.


People have different ways of finding happiness. If that happiness depends on owning an exotic pet in the household, then do get one. Just be a responsible owner and things will go smoothly.

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