Exotic Pet Care Tips and Advice

Many people are drawn by the desire to own an exotic pet. Some say it is to answer the need to be different and unique. Others simply enjoy owning and caring for animals, all kinds of animals. No matter what your reasons may be, there are some fundamental aspects to caring for such an animal that you need to know if you plan on getting one of your own.

Basic Exotic Pet Care Tips

First of all, your home must have the physical structure necessary to support the movement and ‘lifestyle’ of an exotic pet. Each one is different and has it's own special requirements.

It is best to have the consent of everyone in the household. This is to avoid any problems or fights in the family and to maintain harmonious existence. Support or help in the household may also come in handy in caring for your pet.

Financial considerations should also be factored in. Most exotic pets require a special diet. The food alone can sometimes be quite expensive, difficult to acquire or both.

There are also specific animals that may be restricted or regulated by the local and federal laws like monkeys and tigers. Make sure you fully understand the laws and regulations before pursueing ownership.

Finally, one must also know how to properly deal with the animal's behavior. In this regard, the following tips may be considered:

Know What to Expect

Before you begin your search for an exotic pet, be sure that the type will suit the needs and demands in the household. There could also be peculiar behaviors that may irritate the household.

Will it fit in the house? Should it stay indoor or outdoor? What are its toilet habits? Does it ever get noisy? Does it need a mate or can it live alone?

Consult a Veterinarian

Exotic pets behave differently than domestic ones. They may have needs that are beyond what you can provide. It is important to prepare beforehand for any health issues. Knowing that there is a veterinarian nearby who has experience with exotic pets is a plus.

Get a Professional Trainer

Depending on the pet you choose, it may be necessary to hire a professional trainer. A trained animal can make a difference between enjoying the experience or regretting your decision.

Know the Limitations

Owners must know the limitations in the behavior of the animal they wish to acquire. Some may be very difficult to domestic. Be aware of what you can expect as training goals so that you won't be disappointed.


Planning and preparation are essential to a rewarding experience in owning an caring for an exotic pet. Do your research. Consider carefully. Move foreward only after knowing exactly what you are getting into.

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