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Exotic Cats as Pets

Adult PumaWhen we think about the term “cats”, we immediately associate it with the image of small and cuddly domesticated pet cats that we have. But, this is just one aspect of cats that we know of. One interesting type of cat that is worth mentioning is what we call the exotic cats. By their name, exotic cats are basically seen in the wilds. Primarily, exotic cats greatly differ from the usual pet cat for they are generally bigger in size. Also, they are said to be more fierce and dominant. They are highly protective and aggressive with their territory. They are sensitive to stimuli such as sound, movement and touch. And once agitated, they will immediately strike that object that causes them distress.

For these specific reasons, being with exotic cats entail expertise in dealing with cats and at the same time, putting one’s life in peril. With this, exotic cats had gained popularity as one of the feared animals that walks on earth. Moreover, because of the exotic cats’ unique nature, they have also become the subject of interest and curiosity of most people. This situation resulted to exotic cats as being one of the highlights in zoos and parks. Basically, there are already numerous and common exotic cats that is known to man, such as lion, tiger, puma and jaguar just to name a few.  But there are also other exotic cats that are interesting to know better.

African Serval Cat

This specific type of exotic cat came from the family of the fastest animal on earth, the cheetah. With this, African Serval Cats are usually called as the miniature cheetah. Serval Cats are found in the savannas of the large portion of Africa. It is said that they are intelligent and affectionate, making them as ideal beginner’s pet if one is considering exotic cats a pets. This cat’s height ranges from 18 – 24 inches tall and weighs around 18 to 45 pounds.


Bengal is an exotic cat with an Asian Ancestry yet originated in the United States. Like other exotic cats, bengal is said to be playful in nature as seen in its fondness to be in the water. They are sociable and can easily go along with people and other animals such as dogs and other cats. They also have this unique characteristic of being attach to one person, like its owner, and demands special attention. Aside from that, Bengal can be taught how to fetch and do other tricks. You can also take them for a walk but with a leash provided. With this, bengal is recommended to be chosen as pets to children.

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