Elderly Rabbit Care

White Rabbit on GrassRabbits had gained popularity in children throughout the years because of the influence brought about by the existence of well - loved animation characters like bugs bunny. This fact made rabbits as one of the best and ideal choice when it comes to choosing a pet. Basically, rabbits are preferred by many primarily because of it cute and furry appearance. At the same time, rabbits are animals that manageable in terms of providing care. Providing care to rabbits involves simple tasks of feeding, grooming and hygiene, and housing. Another feature to mention is that rabbits are known to be charmers as they can easily catch the hearts of both young and adults.

Rabbits are known to have long life expectancy that ranges from 8 to 10 years maximum. Nonetheless, this figure may vary depending on a certain rabbit’s breed and the way the owner provided the rabbit’s needs. There are some breeds of rabbits that last only for 3 to 5 years while other breeds can live until 10 years. However, even though how long it is, there will always come a time when our beloved pet rabbit would pass away. And owners should basically prepare themselves of the things to come and expect when this stage of their pet’s life would come. Though it may not be easy, but it is essential that proper care and attention must be given to elderly rabbits so that they may live with comfort until their last days.

One noticeable character seen in elderly rabbits is the changes in their appearance. Some rabbits may lose the furry features that we have come to love. Other from that, bald spots may appear in their skin together with other alterations. Aside from that, one can observe that the once cheerful and active pet rabbit is now more timid and slow. It is expected that elderly pet rabbits tends to degenerate no only in their physical aspect as well with their energy. There can also be digestive and neurologic changes brought about by the overall degenerative process undergone by elderly rabbits. These are just few of the changes that every responsible owner should be aware of.

When taking care of elderly rabbits, certain alterations in the usual habits and routines must be observed. In terms of its physical environment, the rabbit’s cage or housing should be maintained clean at all times to prevent occurrence of contamination that could lead to infection. Aside from that, arrangement in the structures seen inside the cage must be done. Water bottle together with food bowls should be placed in the nearest area from their bed. Also, as much as possible, these things must be placed in the lowest level inside the cage. Other from that, unnecessary materials and toys should be removed inside the cage for it may congest the area. Primarily, these toys will not be in used because of the elderly rabbit’s diminishing energy.  One should bear in mind that the energy of the elderly pet rabbit must be conserved the best way possible. When it comes to the diet of elderly rabbits, consistency must be observed as they can’t tolerate the usual variety of foods. This should be done to prevent incidence of gastrointestinal problems that could lead to dangerous circumstances.

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