Pitbull with a Yellow ballDog toys are like kiddie toys that are made especially for the dogs. These are made for chewing, activities, distraction, reward, and for comfort. These toys are made from special materials that will minimize injury and accidents to the dogs.

But do dogs really need toys? Dogs were wild animals before men discovered a way of training them. Naturally, they needed activities in amusing themselves. They also have natural instincts, which includes biting, chewing, etc. Dogs nowadays are being domesticated. That’s why they need these toys to replicate some of their activities as wild animals.

Dog toys are beneficial to both the dog and the owner. It gives both of them a bonding time, which makes their relationship stronger. Moreover, play gives the dog a time for exercise, promoting its health and strengthening his muscles and bones. It is also essential to keep the dog’s vital organs functioning. Toys are also useful if the dogs will be left alone in the home. It prevents and distracts the dog from undesirable behaviors when it feels alone.

Here are the types of dog toys according to its function:

  • Active Toys – These are toys that enable the dog to be physically and mentally active. Usually, these are made of very durable plastic and hard rubber so that it will not easily get damaged when chewed. These are light weight, usually easy to carry, and comes in different colors and shapes. Some toys like ropes or laces are made for teasing the dog into jumping into the air. Others like the Frisbees, sticks and balls are made for throwing and letting the dog fetch it. Bone-shaped toys used in throwing will certainly make the dog more attentive.

  • Distraction Toys – These toys are filled with bits of flavors and treats to make the dog distracted for some time. These toys are usually the favorites of puppies because they also love chewing. Positive reinforcement is also applied when these toys are used during trainings.

  • Chewing Toys – Dogs love to chew regardless of their breed and age. In giving chewing toys, the dogs are able to satisfy this need, therefore increasing the dog’s trust to its owner. These toys also prove to be useful for puppies in order to soothe their gums, loosen their puppy teeth and ease tension.

  • Comfort Toys – These toys are the soft, stuffed types and are not intended to be given to all types of dogs. These are light weight and can be carried around easily by the dog. These could also be used to add comfort to the dog crates and doghouses, or whenever the dog is alone. These toys are also used by the dogs to play mock-kill games on their own.

In order to give the perfect type of toys for the pets, the owner needs to think about the dog’s natural activities as they are used to when they were still wild animals.  The toys to be selected should also be durable so that it will serve its purpose well.

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