Metal Dog Tags

A dog tag is a small flat label that is commonly worn on the dog’s collar. It is also called a dog ID or pet tag. This tag is placed to the dog for identification in case it gets lost. The tags should contain information that will make it possible for a person to contact the owner. The most important information that should be present is the phone number of the owner as well as the address.

Dog tags come in different styles and shapes. Commonly, it is shaped and designed like that of the military ID tags. The creativity and fashion of the dog owners created a new trend for dog tags these days. Dog tags also come with chains to give it a more attractive look.

The following are the types of dog tags according to the materials used:

  • Metal Tags – This type of tags are the most common and are durable. The information may be embossed, engraved, or stamped into the surface. The stamped tags however, are more durable than the embossed tags because the information does not fade or wear off. It is made by stamping a metal die on its surface. New technologies offered drag-engraving and laser-engraving methods that engraves deeper than that of the stamped ones. Stainless steel is the most durable material to be used and the letters are retained for a very long time.

  • Plastic Chips – These tags come in variety of colors, styles and shapes. It is very light weight and some have glow-in-the-dark features in it. The information may be etched or printed. However, some fades easily because some plastics are very sensitive to ultraviolet rays of the sun. The most durable for use of ID pet tags are the ABS plastics.

  • Aluminum Tags – Aluminum is less durable than the stainless steel or the brass types of tags. New technology enables the use of sublimation in images and artworks on the aluminum surfaces. These images and artworks are permanent and resists fading.

  • Sterling Silver, Gold or Platinum Dog Tags – These are the high quality materials that some owners prefer. The natural colors of these materials gives off more style and class to the pets. These are probably more expensive than metals but the quality can never be replicated.

Traditionally, dog tags are made in oval shaped and are placed in the dog’s neck in a dangling method. Today, however, there are different ways of placing it on the dog’s neck. For instance, the chains are affixed in both ends of the oval and are placed in the dog’s neck like chokers. Many individuals prefer this because it reduces the constant banging of the tag and chain in the dog’s skin.

The shapes could also be made more special by selecting the less expected shapes for your dogs. Personalized tags and chains are now possible because of the presence of artwork shops.

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