Folded MagazinesAlong with Wired, Real Simple and The Economist, many Dog Magazines have been published yearly for the benefit of the dogs and the pet owners. Dog magazines are mediums in which a dog owner could share his/her ideas in pet rearing, the experiences they had with their pet dogs, the latest dog fashion, breeding, etc.

Next to the ideas, photography, writings and layout, a magazine’s worth depends on its ability to capture the attention of the people and to capture their hearts later on. Dog breeders and trainers always feel the need to improve their styles when it comes to rearing their dogs. Dog magazines help these dog owners feel updated about the trends in dog rearing nowadays, which makes it a must to have the favored magazine at all times.

Five of the top dog magazines in the world will be presented in this article.  We will talk about how they were able to gain the prestige and popularity these days when it comes to everything about dogs.

  • Bark Magazine – This magazine issues 6 publications per year. The motto of the magazine is “Dog is my Co-Pilot.” This magazine is all about life with dogs – written for readers who appreciate its motto. The topics include dog behavior and wellness; culture and community; recreation and travel; arts and literature.

  • Dog Fancy Magazine – This magazine releases 12 issues per year. This magazine was founded in 1970 with its publishing company BowTie Inc. It basically gives guidance on how to better understand, care for and enjoy dogs.

  • Dog World Magazine – This magazine is a sister magazine of Dog Fancy Magazine. It releases 12 issues per year. The first issue of this magazine came out in the year 1916, making it one of the first dog magazines in the history. The magazine's tagline was "A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Interests of the Dog, Dog Breeders and Dog Fanciers." Every issue contains articles on healthcare, training, nutrition, appearance, grooming, breeding, shows, legislation and breed traits.

  • Dog’s Life Magazine – This magazine is dedicated on improving and enriching the lives of the people’s canine companions through sharing of educational stories and experiences. It releases 4 issues per year. The motto of this magazine is “Be Your Dog’s Best Friend.” Its mission is “to promote adoption from the shelter and rescue community and serve as a platform for the best practices of modern and humane dog guardianship.”

  • FIDO Friendly Magazine – This magazine releases 6 issues per year. It is an American dog travel and lifestyle magazine. It claims to be the only magazine that dedicates to the travel lifestyle of dogs. Every issue is packed with very helpful topics and guides about traveling with your dog. It also includes hotels that could accommodate you and your dog in different places.

These are only five of the many dog magazines available nowadays. Even on their diversity, one thing is still common to all of them. It’s their love for their dear dogs.

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