Dog in Front of Yellow HouseA doghouse is a little shed outside the house intended for the use of the dog. It is commonly known in British English as kennel. The dog runs or rests in here if it is kept outside the house. It protects the dog from the heat, rain, cold wind or snow. Moreover, it gives the dog a sense of personal space and privacy. As a rule, doghouses are designed to look exactly like little houses.

Usually, dog owners find it fun making the doghouses themselves. In this manner, the owner or the family could choose the exact design and style they want for the doghouse. On the other hand, many ready-made doghouses are available in the pet stores today. This is advantageous to those who does not have time to make a doghouse, or to those who are just not built for carpentry. 

The following are the types of doghouses according to the material used:

  • Wood Dog Houses – Wood is the most popular choice for building doghouses. It is durable, inexpensive and is easy to make. It can be painted easily and creates a cozy ambiance for the dog. It also gives off a classy look together with its simplicity.

  • Plastic Dog Houses – These types of doghouses are usually ready-made. It comes with a variety of styles and colors and is gaining popularity these days. These are usually light weight and is easy to clean. A disadvantage is that if not properly manufactured, the dog might chew on them.

  • Metal Dog Houses – These are made of stainless steel, aluminum, or plain metal. These materials are not often used for doghouses but they proved to be durable and dogs can’t chew on them. These materials could also get very hot or very cold, depending on the climate. To add more comfort, a variety of pads and covers may be placed.

  • Fiberglass Cave Dog Houses – These are made of 100% very durable fiberglass that does not rot or rust.  It provides a comfortable and spacious house for the dog. However, this type is usually more expensive compared to the other types and are not preferred by many.

  • Soft Dog Crate – These are tent-like dog crates made of nylon mesh instead of plastic or metal. This is usually used on outdoor expeditions, when the dog gets to be with the owner during hiking or mountain climbing that requires longer stay outdoors.

In making or purchasing a doghouse, it should be enough for the dog to stand, turn around, stretch its limbs and lie down comfortably. It is not necessary to buy or make very large doghouses as it may only take space and will cost more. Moreover, large doghouses will make the dog feel lonely.

Choosing the right type of doghouse for the pet is not very difficult. The budget, size and breed of the dog should always be considered. The weather should also be taken into consideration. Make sure that the dog does not get very cold or very warm days or nights. Provide the dog’s necessities and that will make your doghouse the most perfect for your pet.

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