Dogs Behind a gateDog gates are used for restricting the access of the dog to some parts of the house. A dog gate could be made up of wood, metal, plastic or wire and could be placed in any doorway. It is a useful material for the owner especially if the dog is to be left alone inside the house. It prevents accidents that could result into breakage of some vases, china, or other fragile materials.

Listed below are some of the styles of dog gates with their distinctions:

  • Swing Dog Gates – These can be made of plastic, metal, or wood and could be placed on walls or in between doorways. These gates are convenient and have a hinge and fastening system that enables the gate to open easily and closes securely with the same ease. This is the gate of choice if it is to be used for a considerable length of time. Also, if this gate is not in use, it can still be left in place because it is not difficult for a person to pass through it.

  • Extra Tall Dog Gates – Usually, dog gates have been perceived for the use of small dogs or puppies usually 32 inches high or less. However, there are still dog gates for dogs up to 48 inches high. These may cost higher than that of the small gates but these gates would be more efficient to larger dogs.

  • Retractable Dog Gates – These gates are usually placed between doorframes or other narrow openings into rooms. An advantage for this gate is that it easily folds conveniently when not in use. These types could also be placed either permanently or portably. They also come in a variety of materials and heights.

  • Accordion Dog Gates - These are very flexible choice for smaller and more disciplined kinds of dog. It is portable and is easy to set up. These gates do not need to be attached to doorways because it stands freely on its own. It also has an appearance of an accordion, as the name suggests. When not in use, these can be folded easily for neat storage. However, these are not intended for dogs that are aggressive or jump over any barrier because these could easily be knocked over.

  • Dog gates pose a number of advantages inside the home. One is that a dog gate proves to give more freedom to the pet against the dog crate. The gate gives the dog a chance to roam around a certain area, certainly bigger than that of the crate, making the dog feel less isolated. With this, the dog will not be able to develop unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, scratching and biting, which an isolated and anxious dog would do.

If there is the presence of a baby or a toddler in the house, he or she should not be left playing with the dog alone. Kids like to punch, kick, poke and play with the dog. Sometimes, they hurt the dog without knowing. The dog, in return, may snarl and bite at the kid, or even worse. A dog gate will be of great help in providing separation, which could leave the mother to her household work without worrying much. 

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