Dog in an Open DoorDog doors are made for the use of the dogs to enter or exit the house without requiring a person to open the door. It is sometimes called the doggie door. Dog doors have similar purpose with the dog flaps. However, dog doors proved to give more security because the doors could close efficiently, unlike the dog flaps.

Dog owners find the dog door very useful because it allows their dogs to enter or exit the house whenever they want to. It also reduces some undesirable dog behaviors like scratching the doors, the walls or soiling inside the house. It gives the dog a sense of freedom and discipline.

Dog doors require to be installed properly. Therefore, planning ahead and selecting the right type of dog doors are very important factors for its placement. Here are some types of dog doors with some tips for its installation:

  • Door or Wall-Mounted Pet Doors – These are the classic types of dog doors that require cutting an opening to the wall or the door. To ensure security and prevent other dogs from entering this door other than your pet, an infrared device could be added. This is paired with an infrared key collar that should be worn by the dog so that the door will open when it detects the identification attached to the dog.

  • Dog Doors for Sliding Patio Doors – These dog doors should have to be installed in an existing sliding patio door. The dog owners who do not want to cut openings from other doors or walls in the house prefer these. These looks like a very narrow patio door with a bendable flap at the bottom. Upon installation, the panel with the flap will have to be placed against the doorframe. Then, close the sliding patio door until it closes up against the fixed panel with the flap. Another advantage of these dog doors is that it can be removed and transported with the owner conveniently.

  • Automatic Pet Door Systems – These are doors that allow only selective access to pets. A magnet or other devices that could activate the door to open are usually attached to the dog’s collar for this purpose. Some are entirely automatic that allows immediate access for the pet while keeping the stray animals outside. These types of doors offer optimal security for the family and the house against burglars.

  • Screen-Mounted Dog Doors – A dog screen door enables the owner to create an opening in the sliding or swinging screen door or window. These types of doors can accommodate dogs up to 30 lbs.

The above-mentioned dog doors are just some of the many available dog doors in the pet markets and stores. Always remember that proper planning is the key for the best results in installation. Moreover, the size and the breed of the dog should always be considered in selecting the best dog door for your house. Styling and color matching should also be included for more satisfying results.

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