A dog crate is an enclosure with a door where a dog is kept safe during travels or transportation. It is made of plastic, metal, fabric or wire material. This is one of the materials a dog owner must have since it gives a dog a secure place to dwell away from home.

Some dog owners might feel sorry for their dogs being placed in a crate. However, in reality, they really are providing comfort and security to their dogs without them knowing. Historically, when dogs are still wild animals, they used to sleep in dens where they felt safe from predators. These dens are places where they could stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. Even after centuries, dogs still had this instinct in finding a den where they could feel comfortable. Today, a dog crate is the modern idea of the dog’s den. Here are some examples of dog crates:

  • Aluminum crates – These are light weight, very strong, non-rusting crates that can either be fixed or folding. Its looks are more appealing than that of the wire crates and provide good visualization and ventilation to the dog.

  • Solid Plastic crates – These crates are very portable because of its light weight and usually comes in different colors. Plastic crates are usually the type of crates accepted in airline travels, as they meet most of the federal regulations imposed. These crates also are safer in car accidents than other types. However, the owner should choose the crates that are less likely to be chewed and are sturdy.

  • Wire crates – These crates are popular in dog shows because it allows the audience to visualize the dog more clearly. It also provides good ventilation and airflow. Different kinds of pads and covers may be added to provide more safety and comfort to the dog. Most of the wire crates are non-foldable and are heavy for their size. Also, these crates rust when not maintained properly.

  • Dog tents – These crates are made of strong fabric intended for outdoor use. Dog tents can easily be folded and has a very light weight. They give the dog with a stronger sense of security but still maintain good ventilation.  These crates cannot be used for puppies and for dogs who loves digging and chewing. These are also not the type for carrying dogs in any kind of vehicles.

In choosing the size, the crate should only be big enough for the dog to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. Dogs don’t need very big crates to feel comfortable. Dog toys and pads could also be added inside the crate to add comfort.

Crates may not only be used during transportation and travels. A crate may be purchased for home uses. In fact, crates are recommended for home discipline and training. It is also much easier nowadays to check in a motel or rent an apartment with your dog trained on a crate than those who had their dogs only on a leash.

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