Dog in spiked collarDog collars pose an important function to dog owners nowadays. A dog collar is an object that is being placed around the dog’s neck. The most significant function of it is for control, directing and training of the dog. Other collars have the dog’s name imprinted in it for identification. Furthermore, most of the dog owners design these collars to add style and fashion to their pets.

Whatever the purposes may be, each collar has its own distinct feature that answers every dog’s necessity. Here are some of the types of dog collars:

  •  Buckle collars – These dog collars are adjusted and locked with the use of a buckle. This is the best collar for most dogs and on almost all situations because it could be released and fastened easily by the owner. It also does not tighten on the dog’s neck once it is fastened, which makes this collar safe to use.

  •  Designer collars – These collars make it possible to the owner to match his/her fashion styles with his/her pet. Most of these collars are made of nylon and leather. The nylon ones comes with variety of colors and patterns that matches the fur and color of the dog. The leather ones, on the other hand, are patterned and designed with fancy gems to make the dog elegant-looking. However, safety should always be considered before purchasing this type of collar.

  • Leather collars – These collars are made of quality leathers that provide a classic look to the pet. This type of collar is most preferred because of its strength and durability. Also, the oil in the dog’s skin will soften the leather, making this collar comfortable to wear.

  •  Nylon collars – Nylon collars are made of nylon materials, which make this collar very durable. Unlike the leather collar, the nylon collar could withstand any tough activities without breaking, giving the owner more control to the pet. It also comes with a variety of color that matches the characteristics of the dog.

  • Training collar – These are special type of collars made especially for the use of training dogs. Some of these collars include electric devices that limit the dog’s undesirable behaviors like excessive barking and the like. Training collars are used specifically during trainings only and should not be left on the dog’s neck at all times as it may cause harm and injury to the pet.

The breed and size of the dog should be the main considerations in selecting the best collar. Some breeds are stronger, more active than the other breeds, therefore requiring more durable and stronger collars. Also, if the collar is too small, the dog may choke or obtain serious tracheal damage. It is a must to buy collars with the right length and width that fits the dog perfectly. Choosing the right collar is not very difficult to do. A dog owner should only identify the need of the dog and provide them with the best collar without inflicting unpredicted injury to the pet.

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