Dog Care Games

Dog CartoonTechnology had dominated the living and lifestyle of people nowadays. Technology ranges from transportation, food production, manufacturing, machineries, and gaming to name a few. This trend was brought about by the increasing influence of technology in the life of humans. One notable innovation of technology that is now surfacing is the birth and domination of online games. Online games are now gaining popularity among children and adults alike as it provides an avenue for entertainment and interaction. At the same time, presently, online games ranges from fantasy adventure, cooking games, character games and the likes. One notable type of online games that suddenly became trendy these days is the pet care games. Pet care games vary from different animals including dog, cat, horse, mouse and a lot more.    

Dog Care Games is now commonly seen in various game hosted websites. Basically dog care games revolve around a player taking care of a pet specifically a dog. In this kind of game, players are given the task to take care of their virtual pet dog. Usually, this task involves meeting the overall needs of your pet which primarily comprise of food, sanitation and entertainment. In dog care games, the virtual pet dog can express what needs should be answered by the owner. For example, if the virtual pet dog gets hungry, a call – out will pop containing an image of a bone or a food. When this happens, the player should immediately respond by either clicking a menu or icon. Once the needs of the virtual pet dog are met, the pet dog will be contented and at the same time, a certain point will be garnered by the player as a reward. The overall goal of dog care games is to maintain the satisfaction and comfort of the virtual pet dog. This can be achieved by meeting the holistic needs of your pet in which you gain appropriate points. 

Nonetheless, though it may seem easy, playing dog care games can be quite difficult in such a way that most of these virtual pet dog demands a lot of things. With this, it usually leaves the player confused and would later on leads to panicking. Thus, playing dog care games entail more than just visual and motor coordination. It is also necessary that one would think on what would be the best care to give to its virtual pet dog. Playing dog care games can be more fun and meaningful if the will view this game as an actual experience when it comes to taking care of pet dogs.

On the other hand, there is also new concept being created when it comes to dog care games. Aside from just taking care of a virtual pet dog in your home, now, there is a certain game wherein you will play as a trusted and skilled veterinarian. In this game, the player is tasked to take care of sick and ill pets including dogs. Once appropriate care is give, the player can garner points that are needed for the player to advance to a higher level. This type of game provides a new dimension for players as they are given the chance to become more than just an owner. However, this game is best for older children and adult as it may be complicated for children ages 5 years old and below.