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Death of a Pet Cat

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Losing someone or something, in general, has always been difficult especially when the thing that was lost was of great value. Losing something is difficult because of the pain one needs to endure particularly if the lost is permanent such as when one faces death of a loved one. And this feeling is no different when one loses a pet cat.

Though people may seem to see it unreasonable, losing a pet cat can be an experience that could never allow a person to move on unless managed properly. Grieving for the death of a pet cat is not a process that will be finished once the pet cat was buried or when a new pet comes along, it is a stage that should be overcome one at a time.


Upon the death of a pet cat, denial would be the immediate reaction. People tend to reject the thought of death once they have come face to face with it. Yet, it is necessary to acknowledge that death had taken away their beloved pet cat. Only through acknowledgement that recovery takes place little by little.


Anger is an emotion that surfaces in response to a person’s effort to explain the death. Anger is seen by putting blame on others or on oneself for the death of the pet cat. This stage is a normal process that an owner should experience. Just allow yourself to express any feeling of anger as long as it will not harm you or the people around you.


“Why does it have to be now?” This question is commonly heard when people feels regretful of the time they still could have spent with their pet cat. Bargaining usually happens when an owner wants to spend more time with their pet cat. Though people may see this as futile for no amount of bargaining can return the lost life of a pet cat, but then, it is a stage that the owners must be allowed to experience.


This is the time when people tend to reminisce the memories they had shared with their pet cat. This stage can be considered as the saddest and hardest, bearing in mind that pet cats are adorable and lovable by nature, making their death such a loss. Owners must be allowed to cry if they feel so. Appetite, sleep and work can be compromised. Thus, it is important that support individuals are present to lend a hand.


Reaching the stage of acceptance is never easy but possible. Acceptance is seen once one is able to realize that no other pet can replace his or her pet cat. But it is important to let go of the sadness and think of the memories with no great emotional pain attached. Once acceptance is achieved, one will be able to return to their usual pattern of living.   

Death of a pet cat is an experience no one can describe unless you are the one who have lost a pet. It is difficult considering the years and memories you had spent and the bond that was created. But amidst all the pain, we can do nothing once it is time to let go.

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