Choosing a Dog Breed: What to Look for When Acquiring a New Dog

Choosing a dog breed is an important step in the process of acquiring your pet. Each breed has certain characteristics that are unique to that breed. If you know the characteristics you are looking for, you will be able to identify the breed that is most compatable with what you want.

Before you try to get a dog, it is a good idea to read up on the care of a dog and what kind of dog suits you and your family´┐Żs lifestyle best. To help you out, we've provided some...

Tips on Choosing a Dog Breed

The American Kennel Society recognizes over 150 dog breeds. These are arranged into groups including sporting dogs, working breeds, hounds, terriers, toy breeds, non-sporting dogs, herding breeds and the miscellaneous group.

Something that you should consider is which dog breeds are highly active and which have a calm demeanor. Another factor you might take into consideration is which breeds are more easily trained. Some tend to be more agressive while other are friendlier. There are breeds that bark frequently while others rarely bark at all.

Some dog breeds are more territorial than others. Some breeds even need firm masters who know how to control them and discipline them. Dogs, like children, will often test you to find out who is the boss.

The more important factor in choosing dog breeds is their temperament and need for grooming. Temperament is the facet of a dog that makes them easy to discipline and if they are appropriate companions for children.

Grooming is also a very important factor to keeping you dog healthy. Long haired dogs need more attention than short haired ones. There are even several dog breeds that have twisted or curled up hair. The breed you choose will deterimine how much care and attention you will to give to keeping him groomed.

The Question of Adopting a Dog or Buying One

Several agencies lobby for dog adoption rather than buying a new puppy. There are millions of dogs who have either been abandoned by their previous owners or lost. If they are not adopted, they are put down. In an effort to save them from this demise, many organizations promote the adoption of these animals.

Adopting a dog doesn't necessarily mean that you will have to settle for a mixed breed. There are many dog adoption agencies that specialize in pure bred dogs. However, choosing a mixed breed isn't a bad idea either. Many times, the breeds that made up the mix can be identified.

Choosing a dog breed is a question of personal preference. What is important is that the breed you choose is compatible with your personality and lifestyle.

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