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5 Cats on Cat TreeCat Trees are structures made usually of wood that are used by cats. These are for play purposes primarily. Cats love to climb and make use of their claws. However, it is very dangerous to let the cats play outside and climb real trees because of the danger of falling. These cat trees vary in height but all of them are guaranteed safe to use.

Cat trees are commonly made of plywood and then covered with a carpet or any other similar material to enable the cat to scratch on them. They are also designed to encourage the cat to play on them. This way, the cat is diverted from scratching any other furniture in the house. Other items may be present to persuade the cat on scratching the cat trees like cat toys or sisal rope.

Making a cat tree is better than buying one. It’s because you will be able to provide the cat with what it really needs since it’s only you who knows your cat well. Moreover, building the cat tree is fun, easy and less expensive than buying. Cat trees could also be given as a gift, which will be very much appreciated by the cat owners who receives them.

Basic materials used in making a cat tree includes wood (Plywood), tubing, posts, bolts, wood screws, staple gun and staples, sisal rope, old carpeting, and cat toys for hanging (optional). Measuring tape, hammer, saw drill, wood clamps and pencil are also useful in the process of making the cat tree. One of the most important thing to consider in making cat trees is that the base should be very sturdy and strong to hold the materials attached on top and the cat/s itself. Furthermore, before starting on the construction of the cat tree, make sure that a plan and design is already available for guidance.

In making a cat tree, some of the following tips are useful: First is that the staples used should be heavy-duty and hard to tear. Thicker carpets are more recommended because it attracts your cat more to scratch on them rather than the furniture. Wood or carpet glue should be avoided because the chemicals in it might cause toxic effects to the cat, making it ill. Lastly, weak staples should never be used as the cat might remove it and accidentally eat it, which is very dangerous to its health.

Some types and designs of cat trees are the high rise, bird’s nest, playground, bobcat hill, cougar den, the loft, mouse hunt, low rise, and window perch. All of these give a variety of features that creates different environment for the cat. Cat condos are also available for climbing and for resting whenever it needs to. A lot of cat trees with different styles and variety are available online. These may be more expensive than constructing a cat tree yourself but it will certainly save effort and time.

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