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Cat Training Tips | Basics of Good Cat Behavior

Cat with Bell Collar Sitting on Wall Cat training is used to accomplish two things. One, owners usually train their cats to behave properly which includes using a litter box, not scratching objects and not jumping onto certain places. Two, cats are trained to do basic tricks. Understanding the basic nature of your pet will contribute to a more effective cat training experience.

One of the first things you will want to train your cat to do is to use a litter box. The first step to success is creating an environment that your cat will be attracted to. This means that the area should be clean, easily accessible and in private location.

Kitty litter is the best thing to use, because cats are naturally attracted to raking things as a survival instinct so that they leave no scent behind. Once you have filled the box and put it in its proper place, introduce your cat to it. If your pet doesn’t use the litter box right away, don’t punish him. Simply take you cat’s waste and put it in the litter box. This will help your cat understand that the litter box is the proper place. With a little insistence, you soon have your cat trained and be free from unwanted messes.

Another cat training tip is to teach you cat not to scratch anywhere he wants. Cats will usually avoid places that have smells they don’t like. Two scents you can use are citrus and bitter apple. If you cat begin to scratch somewhere you don’t want him to, spray one of the scents in the area. Since cats enjoy scratching so much, it is important that you provide your pet with a scratching post.

A third behavior you should train your cat to avoid is jumping on counters and other places that you designate as off limits. Training your cat to not do this is fairly easy. When you identify an location that your cat is jumping up to that you want him to avoid, place an empty can or other object that will cause a loud noise when hit. The sound will scare your cat and, more than likely, he will never attempt to jump up again.

Cat training with a clicker can be used to teach your cat to sit, jump, fetch and other tricks that we usually think of dogs doing. Using clicks along with positive reinforcements like special kitty treats will have them well trained in no time.

Knowing cats’ behaviors and what they naturally and instinctively do in their environment is the first step to take in training a cat. By doing this, you will avoid several problems that some cats’ cause in their environment. Beyond this, you can train a cat by methods that have been used successfully with cats and other animals.

Be sure to be playful and patient so that the cat training sessions will be a positive experience for both you and your feline friend.

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