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White Cat Playing a ToyExercise and companionship are both needed by all kinds and breeds of cats. Also, playing and activities give the cat and the owner an opportunity to create bonding and connection. Play gives the cat an outlet for burning energy, stimulation of mind and body.

Cat toys are materials that could provide exercise and companionship to the cat. These materials are made especially for the cat’s use and are made with safe and non-hazardous materials. It also gives the cat the opportunity to satisfy their instinctual hunting drive.

Like toddlers, cats would love to play with a variety of toys. Keeping only one toy might bore them. However, if the cat has one favorite toy, you might leave that out at all times. The functions of cat toys would be for carrying, wrestling, rolling or cuddling. The most popular cat toy is a ball of yarn wherein a cat rolls it, wrestles it and could chase it.

Here are some examples of cat toys that cats would really enjoy:

  • Catnip Mouse or Feather Lure – These toys will give the cat more entertainment. In addition to these simple toys, the owner might as well add some materials for additional entertainment. For example, a cardboard box may be turned over, leaving the opening at the bottom. The cat owner will then cut a small hole on the side making it look like a mouse hole. The catnip mouse will then be placed inside and watch as the cat excitedly tries to catch its prey.

  • Balls – Usually, cats love small and light weight balls that could easily be flicked and chased around. Many of the owners would give ping-pong balls, practice golf balls, or simply crumpled papers.  Cats also love to fetch a ball as the owner throws it.  Sometimes, they would initiate this play by putting the ball on the lap of the owner.

  • Strings or Laces – These toys will make the cat think of a tail of a mouse. Usually, laces and strings are being held high by the owner while the cat tries to reach it. This will help the cat stretch out those kitty muscles and strengthen their legs.

  • Empty Paper Bags or Cardboard – Cats love to play Hide-and-Seek. They love to investigate and get into empty spaces, like empty cardboard box or paper bags. However, in order to prevent anxiety, remove the handles on the paper bags before giving it to the cat because there are some instances that the cat gets caught into those handles. Plastic bags are avoided to prevent entanglement and suffocation.

Cat toys need not to be expensive for the cats to enjoy. Most of the cat toys could easily be made and found inside the house. However, safety should be the first priority in giving toys to the cat. Avoid giving string, yarn, ribbon or dental floss without supervision because the cat might get entangled to it. Also, avoid giving materials with paper clips, pins, needles, and other sharp objects. Rubber bands, plastic bags, or any other materials that the cat might chew and swallow should be kept away.

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