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Green and Black LeashesA cat leash is a cord that is attached to the cat for restrain or control. Cat leash is important especially if the owner takes the cat to a walk outdoors. Cats can get excited or nervous if they see cars, dogs, people, sirens, etc. It is also not enough if the owners just carry the cat around because it prevents them from experiencing liberty.

Cat leashes are used to prevent the cats from biting or worrying people, urinating or defecating on inappropriate places, disturbing the traffic, damaging other people’s lawns, getting lost or leaving the owner. Cat leashes can be attached to the cat collar or a harness. A harness is more recommended because it does not cause accidental choking, as the cat collar might do.

The following are the common types of cat leashes that are available in the market or online:

  • Leather Cat Leash – This type of cat leash is very durable and gives off a simple and classy appearance. Its quality is valued by most owners because of the materials used. However, it is usually more expensive than the other types of leash and is uncomfortable for the cat to use.

  • Nylon Cat Leash – This type of cat leash is more elastic than the leather leash. It is also very sturdy, durable and does not usually break easily. It comes with different colors and designs, which makes it popular to cat owners nowadays.

  • Rope Cat Leash – This material is the traditional type used in cat leash.  This is one of the oldest types that have been used for a long time. It is made of a simple rope attached to the collar or harness of the cat. This is not very much favored today because its design is less attractive than the leather and the nylon leash.

Training the cat to use the leash requires both effort and time. Owners who train their cats to wear leashes during its early years are more successful than those who started training their cats in later years. Patience should always be observed.

Don’t stress the cat especially during the first days of the training. Just let it gets used to the harness first, then gradually add the leash. It is important to train the cat indoors to prevent any accidents during the teaching period. Foods or treats can also be given to the cat for motivation. However, these should be in moderate amount so as not to divert the cat from the real purpose of the food or treat.

Cat leashes should be easy to clean, easy to lock and release, safe, durable and attractive. The length of the leash should be just right for the cat to roam around, but not too far from the owner. Also, make sure that the harness or the collar fits the cat perfectly to prevent slippage or skin damages caused by friction in the cat’s skin.

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