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Black Cat in Roof TopDo you need a place for your cat to call its own? Or do you need a place for it to stay when you’re not around? Or you just want a place for your kitty to take its catnap where it feels safe and homey?  Cat houses are just the thing you need. These are perfect shelters for your domesticated feline pets.  These cozy houses serve as their rest house when they feel like roaming outside of your own home. This also provides a more kitty environment for them. 

Some houses do not just serve as shelters but also a place for exercise. Some have built in playgrounds on them where the cats could stretch those kitty muscles. Here are some types of cat houses that would just fit every cat’s need:

  • Wooden Cat Houses with Porch – These wooden houses have best of both worlds because your cat could rest inside its cozy wooden house. If it’s summer and your cat want a feel of the cool breeze, it could just chill out on the attached veranda of the house.

  • Two-Storey Wooden Cat Houses- This space saving house do not just have the cozy wood effect but also it is a two storey house so it would be a good training for cat’s climbing skills.

  • Cat Cabins - These are small cabins made usually of durable plastic. This type fits those cat owners who wants easy-to-clean and a very handy shelter for their feline pets, which they can just move easily around the house. These also comes in different colors, styles and shapes.

  • Cat Veranda House - These simple houses best fit those owners who wants a safety shelter for their cats. These shelters are just attached on your windows so that your cats wouldn’t have to go out but just stay on those cute verandas and enjoy the outside air while on the same time it is safe inside.

  • Kitty Scratch House and Kitty Gym - These houses are built with scratch poles and climbing poles on them. Kittens and other cats love to play around with the use of their claws. This best fits those kitten owners who want a stylish and cozy playground for their cute pets. This is the type of house for cats who needs to burn up extra energy.

These different types of cat houses are just few of the many styles and designs which would fit every cat enthusiast’s needs. To add a little cozy and comfortable feeling, cat beds, pillow, cushions and toys might be added. These will surely add a luxurious feeling for your cat.

These shelters are very essential for your pet cats for this gives them a sense of privacy, which no other pets might intrude. Also, this serves as their own little playhouse which most cats would appreciate because of their innate playfulness. Lastly these houses would assure you of their safety when you are not around to take care of them.

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