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Cat in Blue Collar

Like canine or dog collars, cat collars are becoming popular nowadays. These are materials placed around a cat’s neck for purposes of identification and/or fashion. Attaching a leash to a cat is not really seen as a necessity by many, but some owners use cat collars for this purpose.

Here are some of the types of cat collars available:

  • Buckle Collars – These widely known, traditional collars are commonly made of leather and nylon materials. These are designed with a buckle for easy fastening and unfastening in the cat’s neck. Leather collars give off a classy style alone, but may also be designed with fancy gems for a more elegant look. The nylon ones proved to be very durable and comes in different colors and styles. These collars are suitable for older cats or indoor-loving cats.

  • Breakaway Collars – These are considered safer collars for adventurous and active cats because it is designed to open when the cat is caught on something. With this, choking will be prevented. Nylon is the most common material used for this type of collar. The collar is released by simply pulling the fastener apart. Some owners do not prefer these because the cats lose the tags attached to it when they open. However, some owners consider this the best for their cat’s safety.

  • Flea Collars – These are collars that come with a chemical or medicine to repel fleas and other parasites. These are worn along with a common buckle collar. These collars are helpful in flea-control. However, these collars should be used cautiously because some cats might get allergic to the chemicals in it.

  • Reflective Collars – These are very useful collars during the night because it is made of some reflective materials that shine especially with a presence of a flashlight. These make the cats safe from accidents caused by vehicles. Unintentional stepping on the cat may also be prevented indoors at night.

  • Personalized Collars – The main function of these collars are for identification and fashion. Some cats don’t want to wear dangling tags. Because of these, some collars are being imprinted with the necessary information for identification in case the cats get lost. Personalized collars also enable the owners to match their styles with their cats. These collars come in different colors that fit the cat’s fur and personality.

Safety should always be ensured before purchasing cat collars. The size should be just right for the cat. Make sure that you can only get 1-2 fingers beneath the collar in the cat’s neck to determine the perfect fit. It should not be too loose and not too tight to prevent friction, skin damages and choking. The quality of the materials is an important consideration as well. The edges should not be too sharp and the stitching should not loosen. The breed of the cat should also be thought of in choosing the collars.

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