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Cat Care Tips & Advice

Proper cat care is based on understanding. You need to understand cats in general and your cat specifically. All cats have certain needs that have to be met if your pet is to have a healthy and healthy life.

Some of the basic needs of all animals include nutrition and exercise. A proper diet will provide your cat with the nutrients he or she needs to have strong bones and muscles. Exercise compliments your pet's diet.

Other care issues involve your cat's teeth, claws and fur coat. By devoting adequate attention to these matters from the beginning, you can avoid many health problems as your cat ages. Not only will you contribute to a stronger, healthier animal but you will avoid many costly medical expenses at the vet clinic.

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Cat Care Articles

Kitten Claw Care
Tips and advice for properly caring for your kitten's claws. If you're tired of seeing your things shredded, then you need to read this article.

Kitten Dental Care
Learn important techniques for good dental care for your kitten. Learn about the many diseases your cat can contract if there is not adequate care of his or her teeth.

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