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Cat Care Games

 Cartoon Cat with FishPet Care Games are not being seen commonly in various websites. Basically, one can immediately play this kind of games because there are now websites available that showcases different pet care game. This kind of websites provides numerous pet care games that ranges from dog, cat, and horse.  One familiar pet being highlighted in pet care games are none other than the cats. There are a lot of cat care games available in the internet. Usually cat care games are popular among young female children for a fact that cats are more appealing to girls compared to dogs.

Before cat care games only involves meeting the needs of your chosen virtual pet cat. These games highlight the different and specific needs that are observed in real pet cat. It includes food, grooming, sanitation, and entertainment. Aside from that, there are also cat care games that highlight dressing up your virtual pet cat. This specific game is intended for younger children as it take only involves mixing and matching accessories to make your pet pretty and beautiful. Also, this simple game is usually presented with cute and colorful graphics that makes it very appealing to young female children. When the player has met the needs of the virtual pet cat, it will result to the pet’s contentment and happiness. It’s as easy as that.

Nonetheless, as technology progresses and new concepts are being developed, the present cat care games involve a certain point system that governs the whole game. Once a player met the needs of the virtual pet cat, a corresponding point is being awarded to the player. The point garnered depends on whether the needs are given and if it was done the soonest time possible. Most cat care game has this feature that considers the response time of the player to the need of the virtual pet cat. This factor makes the cat care game more challenging and fun. Points are needed to either remain in the game or advance to the next level. This new version of cat care game is being played by older children as certain rules and reminders must be considered when playing this game.

Another great addition to cat care games is the addition of values in the structure of the game. Usually, cat care games only comprises of physiologic needs such as food, grooming and the likes. Yet, with the addition of values, cat care games are given more depth and meaning. Values is incorporated through menus seen in the game such as scolding or reprimanding your virtual cat once it has misbehaved like jumping on the couch or scratching the furniture. This new concept makes the cat care games more realistic than ever before as it present what usually happens when one has a real pet cat. At the same time, having this new concept can help players especially children learn necessary values and lessons from the game. Thus, playing cat care games is more than just fun and entertaining but most importantly educating, making the whole experience not waste of a time and worthwhile.

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